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出版社:SOUTH-WESTERN  出版日:2004/04/01

Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel is first and foremost a statistics textbook that emphasizes statistical concepts and applications. The discussion and development of each technique is p



2.Good-bye, Winter! Hello, Spring!

作者:Kazuo Iwamura  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2019/03/05 裝訂:精裝

A beloved story, now available in English, from Japanese master of children’s book illustration Kazuo IwamuraWhen spring comes, it melts the snow. Where will all the water go? The first harbinger

定價:628元   優惠價: 79496


3.Edison ― The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure

作者:Torben Kuhlmann  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2018/10/02 裝訂:精裝

Award-winning illustrator Torben Kuhlmann’s stunning new book transports readers to new depths where imagination lights the way! A long time ago, one mouse learned to fly, another landed on the m

定價:698元   優惠價: 79551


4.You Can't Win Them All, Rainbow Fish

作者:Marcus Pfister  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2018/05/01 裝訂:平裝

A brand new paperback title in the bestselling Rainbow Fish series!Everyone loses once in a while. But being a good sport when you lose isn’t always easy—not even for Rainbow Fish. A light

定價:348元   優惠價: 79275


5.The Field

作者:Baptiste Paul; Jacqueline Alcántara  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2018/03/06 裝訂:精裝

A soccer story—for boy and girls alike—just in time for the World Cup!“Vini! Come! The field calls!” cries a girl as she and her younger brother rouse their community—family, friends, and the local fr

定價:628元   優惠價: 79496


6.For Audrey With Love ─ Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy

作者:Philip Hopman  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2018/01/02 裝訂:精裝

When two young rising stars—Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn—cross paths for the first time—it's magic . . . literally, the perfect fit!All the famous ladies want a Givenchy dress—actresses, oper

定價:628元   優惠價: 79496


7.Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos (精裝本)

作者:Monica Brown; John Parra (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2017/09/05 裝訂:精裝

Frida and Her Animalitos, written by Monica Brown and illustrated by John Parra, is based on the life of one of the world's most influential painters, Frida Kahlo, and the animals that inspired her ar

定價:628元   優惠價: 75471

庫存 > 10

8.Mr. Benjamin's Suitcase of Secrets (精裝本)

作者:Pei-yu Chang  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2017/05/02 裝訂:精裝

What's in his suitcase?Mr. Benjamin is a philosopher with extraordinary ideas. But when his country begins punishing people for being different, he must escape. Over hills and valleys he trudges with

定價:663元   優惠價: 75497

庫存 > 10

9.Sloppy Wants a Hug

作者:Sean Julian  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2017/02/07 裝訂:精裝

Sloppy the tree dragon wants a hug, but Dewdrop the sprite isn't going to give him one, for a very good reason.Find out why you should never hug a tree dragon—especially a sloppy one.商品除瑕疵品外,恕不接受退換貨因拍

定價:628元   優惠價: 79496


10.Surf's Up

作者:Kwame Alexander; Daniel Mirayes (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2016/02/01 裝訂:精裝

Surf's up! Not yet, Dude! Books are boring! Not this one! Bro and Dude have very different ideas about how to spend the day at the beach. But as Bro continues to gasp and cheer as he reads his book (M

定價:628元   優惠價: 9565


11.Nine Tales from the Brothers Grimm

作者:Brothers Grimm; Herbert Leupin (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/12/01 裝訂:精裝

Herbert Leupin's bold, colorful illustrations bring new life to these 9 favorite Grimm's fairy tales: Hans in Luck; Hansel and Gretel; The Brave Little Tailor; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; The Wis

定價:1048元   優惠價: 5524


12.There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today

作者:Sven Volker Sting  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/10/01 裝訂:精裝

Sting’s evocative lyrics from "King of Pain" are powerfully transformed into minimalistic illustrations by Sven Volker, who gives voice to his son's journey from illness to health in

定價:698元   優惠價: 5349


13.Happy Birthday, Davy!

作者:Brigitte Weninger; Eve Tharlet (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/10/01 裝訂:精裝


定價:558元   優惠價: 5279


14.The Best Grandma in the World!

作者:Eleni Livanios; Susanne Lutje (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/09/01 裝訂:硬頁書

We all have the best grandma! From hugs and kisses to playing and comforting—grandmas are all the best!

定價:278元   優惠價: 5139


15.The Best Grandpa in the World!

作者:Eleni Livanios; Susanne L?屐e (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/09/01 裝訂:硬頁書

We all have the best grandpa! From playing and story telling—grandpas are all the best!

定價:278元   優惠價: 5139


16.Five Little Ducklings Go to School

作者:Carol Roth; Sean Julian (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/08/01 裝訂:精裝

It’s time for the five little ducklings to go to school. Four of the little ducklings shout, “YIPPEE! HOORAY! OH BOY! THAT’S COOL!” The fifth little duckling sobs, “BOO-HOO! I won’t go to school! I’m

定價:628元   優惠價: 5314


17.Help, I Don't Want a Babysitter!

作者:Anke Wagner; Anne-kathrin Behl (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/04/01 裝訂:精裝

A reassuring and hilarious look at a child’s trepidation about meeting his first babysitter then realizing he adores her! When Ollie’s parents hire a babysitter, Ollie’s cuddle buddy Stubbs imagines t

定價:628元   優惠價: 5314


18.My Grandma's a Ninja

作者:Todd Tarpley; Danny Chatzikonstantinou (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/03/01 裝訂:精裝

When Ethan’s grandma suggests they take a zip line to school, Ethan realizes that his grandma is a little different. In fact, she’s a ninja! Ethan is soon the hit of the school when his grandma drops

定價:628元   優惠價: 5314


19.The Tortoise and the Hare ─ An Aesop Fable

作者:Aesop; Bernadette Watts (ILT)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2015/03/01 裝訂:精裝

A classic reenvisioned and retold by Bernadette Watts—one of Europe’s most recognized and beloved fairy-tale artists! When Tortoise says to Hare, “I bet I can beat you in a running race!” everyone lau

定價:628元   優惠價: 5314


20.Wonderment ― The Lisbeth Zwerger Collection

作者:Lisbeth Zwerger (ILT); Peter Sis (FRW)  出版社:North South Books  出版日:2014/11/01 裝訂:精裝

Lisbeth Zwerger—like no other—creates enchanting scenes that heighten and celebrate anew some of the world’s most compelling literature. This marvelous anthology offers a selection of some of the most

定價:1048元   優惠價: 5524