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1.District VIII

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Pegasus Books  出版日:2019/10/08 裝訂:平裝

定價:558元   優惠價: 9502


2.District VIII ― A Thriller

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Pegasus Books  出版日:2018/06/05 裝訂:精裝

Life’s tough for a Gypsy detective in Budapest. The cops don’t trust you because you’re a Gypsy. Your fellow Gypsies, even your own family, shun you because you’re a cop.The dead, however, don't care.

定價:908元   優惠價: 9817


3.The Reykjavik Assignment

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Harpercollins  出版日:2016/11/22 裝訂:平裝

Adam LeBor, author of critically acclaimed thrillers The Geneva Option and The Washington Stratagem, delivers the final book of this trilogy featuring United Nations covert negotiator Yael Azoulay.“[A

定價:560元   優惠價: 79442


4.The Washington Stratagem

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Harpercollins  出版日:2014/11/11 裝訂:平裝

"A BOURBON STREET BOOK. This thrilling sequel to The Geneva Option reintroduces UN covert negotiator Yael Azoulay, who is still recovering from the physical and emotional trauma of her Congo encounter

定價:560元   優惠價: 79442


5.Tower of Basel ― The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank That Runs the World

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Perseus Books Group  出版日:2014/05/27 裝訂:平裝

Describes the history of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a secretive institution with a membership comprised of central bankers from around the globe who control world-wide monetary poli

定價:595元   優惠價: 79470


6.The Geneva Option ― A Yael Azoulay Novel

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Harpercollins  出版日:2013/05/28 裝訂:平裝

A gripping thriller of international espionage, The Geneva Option by Adam LeBor pits a sexy, young UN staffer against a brutal conspiracy to control Africa’s natural resources. Yael Azoulay does the U

定價:560元   優惠價: 79442


7.Tower of Basel ― The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank That Runs the World

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Perseus Books Group  出版日:2013/05/28 裝訂:精裝

Tower of Basel is the first investigative history of the world’s most secretive global financial institution. Based on extensive archival research in Switzerland, Britain, and the United States, and i

定價:1015元   優惠價: 79802


8.Milosevic ― A Biography

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2012/09/28 裝訂:平裝

Before his death in March 2006, Slobodan Milosevic was on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague for crimes against humanity. This engrossing biography documents the life of the for

定價:1890元   優惠價: 91701


9.The Budapest Protocol

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Reportage Pr  出版日:2010/10/19

Nazi-occupied Budapest, winter 1944. The Russians are smashing through the German lines. Miklos Farkas breaks out of the Jewish ghetto to find food - at the Nazis headquarters. There he is handed a s

定價:663元   優惠價: 9597


10.The Believers: How America Fell for Bernard Madoff's $65 Billion Investment Scam

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Phoenix  出版日:2010/08/12

Part financial scandal and part Greek tragedy, this book dramatically humanizes?the results of Madoff's scam?by?focusing on?his connection to, and catastrophic impact on, the Jewish community?Opening

定價:593元   優惠價: 9534


11.The Believers: How America Fell for Bernard Madoff's $65 Billion Investment Scam

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Orion Publishing UK  出版日:2010/01/15 裝訂:精裝

It was in luxurious Palm Beach, by the manicured lawns and Olympic-sized swimming pool, that financier Bernard Madoff ravaged the world of philanthropy and high society he strove so hard to join; vap

定價:1013元   優惠價: 79800


12.Complicity with Evil: The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:Yale Univ Pr  出版日:2008/03/28

From the killing fields of Rwanda and Srebrenica a decade ago to those of Darfur today, the United Nations has repeatedly failed to confront genocide. This is evinced, author and journalist Adam LeBo

定價:1035元   優惠價: 9932


13.City of Oranges: An Intimate History of Arabs and Jews in Jaffa

作者:Adam Lebor  出版社:W W Norton & Co Inc  出版日:2007/05/01

The millennia-old port of Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv, was once known as the "Bride of Palestine," one of the truly cosmopolitan cities of the Mediterranean. There Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived

定價:523元   優惠價: 85445


14.Seduced by Hitler ― The Choices of a Nation and the Ethics of Survival

作者:Adam Lebor; Roger Boyes  出版社:Sourcebooks Inc  出版日:2004/02/01 裝訂:平裝

Drawing on new research and recently declassified documents, authors Adam LeBor, author of Hitler's Secret Bankers, and Roger Boyes, The Times of London correspondent in Berlin, reveal a tapestry of o

定價:700元   優惠價: 9630