1.The Politics of Water in the Art and Festivals of Medici Florence ― From Neptune Fountain to Naumachia

作者:Felicia M. Else  出版社:Routledge  出版日:2018/07/18

This book tells the story of one dynasty's struggle with water, to control its flow and manage its representation. The role of water in the art and festivals of Cosimo I and his heirs, Francesco I and

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2.Recent Waterscapes ─ Planning, Building and Designing With Water

作者:Herbert Dreiseitl (EDT); Dieter Grau (EDT)  出版社:Birkhauser Architecture  出版日:2009/06/01

After decades of being banished from residential areas, water is now becoming an increasingly significant feature in urban design. Whether it is the integration of natural water courses into the built

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3.Basics Designing with Water

作者:Axel Lohrer  出版社:Birkhauser Architecture  出版日:2008/07/04

Water is a special design element in landscape architecture. But it is not enough merely to insert water basins and fountains at the appropriate spots in architectural drawings. Basics Designing with

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4.Garden Pools: Fountains & Waterfalls

作者:Scott Atkinson  出版社:Sunset Pub Co  出版日:2007/01/01

Showcasing a variety of inspirational designs, a complete illustrated guide to creating the perfect water feature for one's home landscape discusses design considerations, building materials, lighting

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5.Landscaping Earth Ponds: The Complete Guide

作者:Tim Matson  出版社:Chelsea Green Pub Co  出版日:2006/05/01

A Vermont-based aquaculture expert who has written other books on earth ponds approaches each natural pond as a unique landscaping challenge. Aided by color photos and schematics, Matson offers advice

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6.The Fountains of Bellagio

作者:Mary Stayton; Tammy Edmonds; Ira Kahn (PHT)  出版社:Wet Design  出版日:2004/11/30

The Fountains of Bellagio are one of the world's most beloved and celebrated water features. Since their debut in 1998, millions of people from all over the world have been fascinated, emotionally tou

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7.Earth Ponds Sourcebook: The Pond Owner's Manual and Resource Guide

作者:Tim Matson  出版社:Countryman Pr  出版日:2004/06/01

The author of the classic, best-selling book on ponds presents new tips, techniques, and hundreds of resources in this updated, expanded guide.

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8.Water Features for Small Gardens: From Concept to Construction

作者:Keith Davitt  出版社:Timber Pr  出版日:2003/09/15

Keith Davitt brings the delights of the water garden within reach of everyone in Water Features for Small Gardens. With a clear eye to design, construction, materials, and maintenance, Davitt offers

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9.Outdoor Water Features ─ 16 Easy-To-Build Projects for Your Yard and Garden

作者:Alan Bridgewater; Gill Bridgewater  出版社:Storey Books  出版日:2001/01/31

No one can deny the power and attraction of water features. And it's never been easier for gardeners to add the sparkle and serenity of water to their own landscapes. Garden centers and flower shows

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10.Creating Ponds, Brooks, and Pools

作者:Ulrich Timm  出版社:Schiffer Pub Ltd  出版日:1999/08/01

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