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Barcelona ― A Culinary and Cultural History of Catalan Cuisine
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Barcelona is an international destination and culinary hot spot. It’s rich history and culture is of interest to both foodies and casual diners alike. This tour of the history and culture of the city, and its food scene over the centuries, will offer readers a glimpse into life in Barcelona.
H. Rosi Song is Associate Professor of Spanish at Bryn Mawr College. She has received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from Brown University. She is the author of Lost in Transition: Constructing Memory in Contemporary Spain (Liverpool UP, 2016) and the co-editor of Traces of Contamination: Unearthing Francoist Legacy in Contemporary Spanish Discourse (Bucknell UP, 2005) and Towards a Cultural Archive of la Movida: Back to the Fuure (Farleigh Dickinson UP, 2013). She has published widely on contemporary Spanish culture and literature and Iberian and Latin American detective fiction. She is the co-author of “Catalanidad in the Kitchen: Nationalism and Food Culture in Modern and Contemporary Barcelona Guidebooks” which will be included in the upcoming special issues on Food Cultural Studies and the Transhispanic World in the journal Bulletin of Spanish Studies (2017).

Anna Riera teaches Food Studies at Abat Oliba University of Barcelona, where she started the first graduate program in Gastronomic and Oenological Communication in Spain. She also lectures on Food & Communication at the Universitat de Barcelona. Through her long trips through South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand she has examined the close relationship between landscape and local food culture. She shares these experiences in her radio program Cuina'm in Onda Cero Catalunya. A frequent participant and speaker in gastronomy conferences throughout Spain, since 2004 she works in the direction and writing of the newspaper magazine Gourmets Month Review published by El Periódico de Catalunya.