100% ― The Story of a Patriot
  • 100% ― The Story of a Patriot

  • ISBN13:9781507581018
  • 出版社:Createspace Independent Pub
  • 作者:Upton Sinclair
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/258頁
  • 規格:22.9cm*15.2cm*1.5cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 版次:Large Print
  • 出版日:2015/01/19
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100%: The Story Of A Patriot tells the story of Peter Gudge, a poor young man who becomes embroiled in industrial spying and sabotage. Said to be based upon a real case of a bombing in San Francisco, Peter’s tale is compelling reading. Originally published by the author himself, this is the story of a young man’s descent into fear and corruption, and eventual happy redemption.excerpt:“Now and then it occurs to one to reflect upon what slender threads of accident depend the most important circumstances of his life; to look back and shudder, realizing how close to the edge of nothingness his being has come. A young man is walking down the street, quite casually, with an empty mind and no set purpose; he comes to a crossing, and for no reason that he could tell he takes the right hand turn instead of the left; and so it happens that he encounters a blue-eyed girl, who sets his heart to beating. He meets the girl, marries her—and she became your mother. But now, suppose the young man had taken the left hand turn instead of the right, and had never met the blue-eyed girl; where would you be now, and what would have become of those qualities of mind which you consider of importance to the world, and those grave affairs of business to which your time is devoted?”