Recent Waterscapes ─ Planning, Building and Designing With Water
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After decades of being banished from residential areas, water is now becoming an increasingly significant feature in urban design. Whether it is the integration of natural water courses into the built environment, rainwater management, the incorporation of water elements in urban areas for climatic purposes or the creation of oases of tranquility or drama such as pools or fountains b all these aspects are not only encountering renewed interest among architects and urban planners, but they are also greeted with appreciation by the general public.
This book reveals the wide variety of possibilities for using water as a creative element in the city, in art, in the landscape and architecture. The works are organized in seven categories and encompass large-scale masterplans, urban plazas and parks, river restaurations but also interior design schemes and art objects. Amongst the works documented are the landscape design for Dubai Business Park, a river restauration in Bishan Park in Singapore, landscaping for a new town in Tianjin, China, the schemes for Telecom Park, Taipei and Vuores Central Park in Tampere Finland, and the design for Civic Square Seattle.

Herbert Dreiseitl, is a sculptor, water artist and landscape architect;Dieter Grau, gardener and landscape architect.