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作者:Eleanor H. Porter  出版社:Alma Classics UK  出版日:2017/06/22

The orphan girl Pollyanna moves in with her miserable aunt in New England. Despite being unwanted, Pollyanna's exuberance and positivity affect everyone who meets her, and she spreads joy and love whe

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347


作者:Jean Webster; Jean Webster (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2018/07/31

One of the classics of American children's literature, Daddy-Long-Legs tells the tale of Judy Abbott – an ebullient orphan beginning a college degree with the aim of becoming a writer – through her le

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

3.The Phoenix and the Carpet

作者:Edith Nesbit; Ella Okstad (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2019/03/26

When Cyril, Anthea, Robert and Jane accidentally destroy a carpet in their London home with fireworks, their parents replace it with a second-hand one. Upon unfurling it, the children find an egg insi

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347

4.The Story of Doctor Dolittle

作者:Hugh Lofting  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2018/07/19

John Dolittle is a highly respected doctor in the village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh, yet he loves animals so much that his house is soon full of them. With all his patients scared away, and the expense

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

5.Anne of Green Gables

作者:L. M. Montgomery; Susan Hellard (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2017/07/25

Anne is an orphan with a penchant for daydreaming and distinctive flaming-red hair that catches the eye of everyone she meets. She is overjoyed to be sent to Green Gables, the Cuthberts' farm, which s

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347

6.The Wind in the Willows

作者:Kenneth Grahame; Tor Freeman (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2017/07/11

Depicting the adventures of Rat, Mole, Badger and the pretentious Mr Toad, The Wind in the Willows sees these four animals getting into all sorts of trouble as they wander along the river, through the

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

7.Five Children and It

作者:E. Nesbit;Ella Okstad  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2017/04/25

When Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and their baby brother start exploring a gravel pit not far from their new countryside home, they make an unexpected and very curious discovery. The gravel pit is home

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

8.Just So Stories

作者:Rudyard Kipling;Rudyard Kipling ; Ian Beck  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2017/03/23

Originally told by Rudyard Kipling to his children at bedtime, this compendium of witty tales imagines how animals came to be as they are now. Discover how the massive whale got a tiny throat by swall

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

9.What Katy Did

作者:Susan Coolidge; Susan Hellard (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/11/17

An accidental fall from the swing seems to threaten Katy's hopes for the future, but she struggles to overcome her difficulties with good humour and vitality. This edition is beautifully illustrated b

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

10.The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories

作者:Oscar Wilde  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/11/16

When the Americans Mr and Mrs Otis and their four children move into Canterville Chase, its previous occupant Lord Canterville warns them that the ghost of his ancestor still haunts the house. Their d

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

11.Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

作者:Arthur Conan Doyle;David Mackintosh  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/10/20

This edition contains all the stories originally published under this collection and it's illustrated by David Mackintosh.From his Baker Street apartment, Sherlock Holmes wields his powers of deductio

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

12.Little Women

作者:Louisa May Alcott;Ella Bailey  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/05/01

The four March sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy - live in financial hardship in New England with their mother, while their father has been drafted to fight in the Civil War. The girls embark on a serie

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

13.The Secret Garden

作者:Frances Hodgson Burnett ; Peter Bailey  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/04/21

After her parents die of cholera in India, Mary Lennox is sent to live with her uncle in his gloomy house in Yorkshire, where she leads a lonely and neglected life, with nothing to do apart from explo

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347

14.The Jungle Books

作者:Rudyard Kipling ; Ian Beck  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/04/15

The adventures of Mowgli, the young man raised by wolves in the jungles of Central India, and his friends Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther and Kaa the python, as they face the arch villain Shere K

定價:439元   優惠價: 79347

15.Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

作者:Ella Okstad;Ella Okstad  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/02/27

When young Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a cyclone, their Kansas farmhouse is carried off to the magical Land of Oz. Upon being told that the only way back is to follow the yellow brick road

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260

16.Lassie Come-home

作者:Eric Knight; Gary Blythe (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2016/02/27

Lassie Come-Home is one of the best-loved dog stories in the world. Presented here with illustrations by Gary Blythe and an extra section for young readers.Everyone in the Yorkshire town of Greenall B

定價:350元   優惠價: 79277

17.Treasure Island

作者:Robert Louis Stevenson; David Mackintosh  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2015/11/15

One of the best-loved adventure stories ever written, Treasure Island's timeless tale of pirates, lost treasure maps, mutiny and derring-do has appealed to generations of readers ever since Robert Lou

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260

18.The Complete Peter Pan

作者:Sir J. M. Barrie; Joel Stewart  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2015/10/15

The boy who wouldn't grow up, Peter Pan has the power of flight and lives on a magical island. But he is fascinated by Mary Darling's bedtime stories for her children and makes covert night-time visit

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260

19.Gabriel-Ernest and Other Tales

作者:Saki; Quentin Blake (ILT)  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2015/10/15

A unique collection which includes 8 stories about the dark side of adolescence. They beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake.The local landowner Van Cheele experiences an unnerving encounter with a

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303


作者:Bram Stoker; David Mackintosh  出版社:Alma Books UK  出版日:2015/09/15

"Awareness of Dracula" as a masterly gothic thriller has increased ever since its publication in 1897, and the novel is regarded as one of the most seminal horror stories of ever written, having inspi

定價:329元   優惠價: 79260