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1.Child, Family, School, Community

作者:Roberta M. Berns  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:精裝

The best-selling CHILD, FAMILY, SCHOOL, COMMUNITY: SOCIALIZATION AND SUPPORT, now in its Ninth Edition, offers an excellent introduction to socialization that is grounded in a powerful conceptual fram

定價:4498元   優惠價: 94048



作者:Jeffrey S. Nevid  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:精裝

PSYCHOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, Fourth Edition, uses a unique, proven learning system that makes it easier and more enjoyable for you to learn what you need to learn and succeed in your psychol

定價:7513元   優惠價: 96762


3.Social Research Counts

作者:Earl Babbie  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:精裝

Become a competent, confident, and critical consumer of social research with Earl Babbie's SOCIAL RESEARCH COUNTS. Written with wit, and with a desire to see you succeed in the course, the book presen

定價:3463元   優惠價: 93117


4.Educational Psychology With Virtual Psychology Labs

作者:Bruce Tuckman; David Monetti  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2012/01/01

This comprehensive educational psychology book blends a strong scholarly and theoretical background with the application of theories and concepts using real-world examples, case studies, and practical

定價:5083元   優惠價: 94575



作者:Spencer A. Rathus  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:精裝

The theme of this book is applying theories and research to learning and to contemporary life. In every chapter of PSYCHOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND CONNECTIONS, BRIEF VERSION, Ninth Edition, Spencer Rathus CO

定價:5758元   優惠價: 95182



作者:John Salvia; James Ysseldyke; Sara Bolt  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2012/01/01 裝訂:精裝

Assessment is a process of collecting information for the purpose of making important decisions about students. It is critical that those decisions be made both appropriately and fairly. Noted as the

定價:7468元   優惠價: 96721


7.Ceramics: A Potter's Handbook

作者:Glenn C. Nelson; Richard Burkett  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2001/12/01

This text introduces students to the fundamentals of the ceramic arts, beginning with a history of ceramic materials and techniques up to the present day and then moving on to a detailed presentation

定價:7758元   優惠價: 96982


8.The Wisdom Seekers: Great Philosophers of the Western World : From the Presocratics to the Renaissance

作者:James L. Christian  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:2001/06/01

Oriented toward historical philosophy or introductory philosophy courses, this text seeks to acquaint students with the history of western critical thinking in an accessible and appealing format. The

定價:5318元   優惠價: 94786


9.Introductory English Grammar

作者:Norman C. Stageberg; Dallin D. Oaks  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1999/11/01

For the first time in more than fifteen years An Introduction to English Grammar is available in a revised edition. In the fifth edition of this renowned advanced grammar textbook, the new author Dal

定價:10358元   優惠價: 99322


10.The Minority Report: An Introduction to Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Relations

作者:Anthony Gary Dworkin (EDT); Rosalind J. Dworkin; Anthony Gary Dworkin; Rosalind J. Dworkin (EDT)  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1998/10/01

Combining text and readings in a single book, this volume (a joint venture by the authors and the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) of the American Sociological Association) includes a comprehensive

定價:5758元   優惠價: 95182


11.Understanding Industrial and Organizational Psychology

作者:Robert L. Dipboye  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1997/11/01

定價:8358元   優惠價: 97522


12.Early Literacy Instruction

作者:Elfrieda H. Hiebert; Taffy E. Raphael  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1997/07/01

Early literacy instruction is one of the most fundamental goals of schooling, and one that sets the stage for students' lifelong learning and success. The text encompasses standards for early literacy

定價:3758元   優惠價: 93382


13.The Ancient Near East

作者:William E. Dunstan  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1997/07/01

Written for the student of history and the general reader, this study of the civilization of the ancient Near East brings together the findings of historians, anthropologists, linguists, geographers,

定價:7638元   優惠價: 96874


14.Searching for Great Ideas: Readings Past and Present

作者:Thomas Klein; Bruce Edwards; Thomas Wymer  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1997/07/01

Searching for Great Ideas: Readings Past and Present shares two guiding principles with its predecessor, Great Ideas: Conversations Between Past and Present: that the development of clear thinking, c

定價:6558元   優惠價: 95902


15.Creating an Integrated Approach to Literacy Instruction.

作者:Taffy E. Raphael; Elfrida H. Hiebert  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1996/05/01

Presents a social constructivist approach to the teaching of reading. Includes theory, curriculum, two case studies, and material on comprehension and assessment within whole literary environments.

定價:3678元   優惠價: 93310


16.Intelligence : Multiple Perspectives: Multiple Perspectives

作者:Howard Gardner; Mindy L. Kornhaber; Warren K. Wake  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1996/05/01

定價:4918元   優惠價: 94426


17.History of Political Theory: An Introduction : Modern Political Theory

作者:Goerge Klosko  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1995/01/01

The second volume of HISTORY OF POLITICAL THEORY provides an in-depth introduction to a select group of political thinkers. Professor Klosko weaves together excerpted materials with insightful commen

定價:4918元   優惠價: 94426


18.Inside Today's Home

作者:Luann Nissen; Ray Faulkner; Sarah Faulkner  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1994/01/01

Describes major elements that make a home expressive of personal tastes and life-styles and encourages creativity in using color, materials, and designs

定價:10558元   優惠價: 99502



作者:William L. Hays  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1994/01/01

定價:12158元   優惠價: 910942


20.Design Through Discovery: An Introduction to Art and Design

作者:Marjorie Elliott Bevlin  出版社:PBKWADSW  出版日:1994/01/01

An ideal choice for courses that combine the study of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, this book presents an analysis of the elements and principles of design as they apply to various field

定價:9118元   優惠價: 98206