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1.Maps (英國版)

作者:Aleksandra Mizielinska  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2013/10/01 裝訂:精裝

Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel MizielinskiA celebration of the world, from its immense mountains to its tiny insects – and everything in between. Features fifty-two highly illustrated maps, full of

定價:1100元   優惠價: 66726


2.Creature Features: Dinosaurs

作者:Natasha Durley  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/04/18 裝訂:精裝

Vibrantly illustrated by Creature Features creator Natasha Durley, this is a dinosaur book with a difference. Each page is bursting with unusual creatures from the time of the dinosaurs, all united by

定價:604元   優惠價: 79477


3.Dinosaurium Junior (Junior Edition)

作者:Lily Murray; Chris Wormell  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2018/09/06 裝訂:精裝

This new junior edition of Dinosaurium is perfect for those with a love of the natural world. Wander the galleries - open 365 days a year - and discover a collection of curated exhibits on every page,

定價:604元   優惠價: 79477


4.A Year in the Wild

作者:Helen Ahpornsiri  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2018/03/08 裝訂:盒裝

Take a journey through the seasons in this beautiful book, made entirely from hand-pressed plants. Artist Helen Ahpornsiri transforms petals, leaves and seeds into bounding hares, swooping swallows an

定價:714元   優惠價: 79564


5.Tallest Tower, Smallest Star: Pictorial Compendium of Comparisons

作者:Kate Baker; Page Tsou  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2018/03/08 裝訂:精裝

Have you ever wondered how a dinosaur would measure up against the Great Pyramids of Giza, if a hummingbird could outfly a jet plane, or how many atoms could fit inside a grain of sand? These are just

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


6.Where's the Pair? (英國版)

作者:Britta Teckentrup  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2015/03/01 裝訂:精裝

Find the birds of a feather in this book of search-and-find fun. Retro-modern artwork with contemporary appeal. Visual acuity game presented in a satisfyingly simple and graphic layout. 商品除瑕疵品外

定價:604元   優惠價: 5302


7.Maps Poster Book

作者:Aleksandra Mizielinski; Daniel Mizielinski  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2015/03/01 裝訂:平裝

From the team behind 2013's smash-hit Maps, which sold out in stores nationwide, was included among Bookseller's Book of the Year and was nominated for the Waterstones Award. These posters offer an ex

定價:714元   優惠價: 79564


8.The Story of Life: Evolution

作者:Katie Scott  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2015/01/10 裝訂:精裝

Story of Life: Evolution will be a graphic, fold out guide to evolution. The book will start with the first single-cell organisms and end with modern life forms. Packaged in the same format as Big Pic

定價:714元   優惠價: 5357


9.New York Inside and Out

作者:Josh Cochran  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2014/09/01 裝訂:平裝

Discover New York's secret life in this 2-metre-wide diorama.

定價:714元   優惠價: 79564


10.The Odd One Out (英國版)

作者:Britta Teckentrup  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2014/03/01 裝訂:精裝

Which bird has caught the worm? Where is the poorly monkey? And can you spot the shy little shrimp? Each spread matches an amusing riddle with a complex patterned artwork, within which the answer lies

定價:604元   優惠價: 79477


11.Viking Voyagers

作者:Jack Tite  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2020/01/23 裝訂:精裝

Around 1,200 years ago the legendary voyaging Norsemen set sail to raid and trade - the Viking Age had begun. Step back in time to find out what Viking life was like, how they travelled, where they tr

定價:934元   優惠價: 79738


出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/11/28 裝訂:精裝

定價:1100元   優惠價: 79869

13.Planetarium Postcards (Welcome To The Museum)

作者:Raman Prinja; Chris Wormell  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/11/14

This collection of 50 postcards features Chris Wormell's incredible illustrations of astronomical objects. From the Sun and our Solar System, to the Milky Way and the Universe beyond, these images are

定價:714元   優惠價: 79564


14.Alastair Humphreys' Great Adventurers

作者:Alastair Humphreys; Kevin Ward  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/11/14

** WINNER OF THE ORDNANCE SURVEY CHILDREN'S TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR 2019 **Hand-picked by adventurer Alastair Humphreys, this compilation retells the extraordinary journeys undertaken by his personal

定價:549元   優惠價: 79434


15.Anatomicum (Welcome To The Museum)

作者:Jennifer Z Paxton; Katy Wiedemann  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/09/19 裝訂:精裝

Welcome to the museum that is always open to explore...Step inside the pages of Anatomicum to enjoy the experience of a museum from the comfort of your own home. The 2019 offering from Welcome to the

定價:1100元   優惠價: 79869


16.There are Bugs Everywhere

作者:Britta Teckentrup  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/09/05 裝訂:精裝

There are bugs everywhere! Some of them live in jungles, some of them underwater, and some certainly live in your house.There are Bugs Everywhere is the second in a series of non-fiction books from Br

定價:714元   優惠價: 79564


17.The Language of the Universe: A Visual Exploration of Maths

作者:Colin Stuart; Ximo Abadía  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/08/22 裝訂:精裝

From atoms to beehives to the movement of the planets, everything around us is buzzing with maths. So how does this language of numbers, symbols and equations make every single thing in our universe t

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


18.Walk This Underground World

作者:Kate Baker; Sam Brewster  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/07/11 裝訂:精裝

This stunning lift-the-flap book takes the reader on a journey all around the globe and deep underground. There they'll find amazing hidden worlds, teeming with life - from prairie dog towns and ant c

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


19.Alice in Wonderland: A Puzzle Adventure

作者:Aleksandra Artymowska  出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/06/27 裝訂:精裝

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic children's book, Aleksandra Artymowska's stunning scenes are packed with references to the original, from a mad hatter's tea party, to lines of marching playing car

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651


20.Balloon to the Moon

出版社:Big Picture Press  出版日:2019/06/13 裝訂:精裝

Long before anyone had designed a rocket, the Montgolfier brothers were making hot air balloons. In October 1783, they became the first people to experience controlled flight. Balloon to the Moon star

定價:824元   優惠價: 79651