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1.The Vatican ─ All the Paintings: The Complete Collection of Old Masters, Plus More Than 300 Sculptures, Maps, Tapestries, and Other Artifacts

作者:Anja Grebe; Ross King (FRW)  出版社:Black Dog & Leventhal Pub  出版日:2013/11/12 裝訂:精裝

In the same style, manner, and format as The Louvre: All the Paintings (Black Dog & Leventhal, 2011), every Old Master painting on display in the Vatican, as well as hundreds of additional masterp

定價:2625元   優惠價: 792074


2.Garibaldi ― Hero of Italian Unification

作者:Christopher Hibbert; Ross King (FRW)  出版社:Palgrave Macmillan  出版日:2008/07/22 裝訂:平裝

Giuseppe Garibaldi was praised for his military genius, his courage, and his charisma. Known as the "Hero of Two Worlds," Garibaldi's military prowess extended to the Americas, where

定價:1350元   優惠價: 91215


3.The Story of Painting

作者:Inc. Dorling Kindersley (COR); Ross King (FRW)  出版社:DK Pub  出版日:2019/08/06 裝訂:精裝

A fascinating new history of art, this gloriously illustrated book reveals how materials, techniques, and ideas have evolved over the centuries, inspiring artists and giving them the means to create t

定價:1225元   優惠價: 79968

4.Art ― The Definitive Visual Guide

作者:Andrew Graham Dixon; Ross King (FRW)  出版社:DK Pub  出版日:2018/09/04 裝訂:精裝

Discover the history of art movements from classical Greek art to the Italian Renaissance, the pre-raphaelites, and the masters of impressionism with this bestselling DK visual guide.Truly comprehensi

定價:1750元   優惠價: 791383


5.Artists ─ Their Lives and Works

作者:Inc. Dorling Kindersley (COR); Ross King (FRW)  出版社:DK Pub  出版日:2017/09/05 裝訂:精裝

A visual celebration of more than 80 great artists, from the Early Renaissance to the present day.Exploring the vision and techniques of the greatest painters and sculptors throughout history, Artists

定價:1400元   優惠價: 791106


6.The Grimani Breviary: Reproduced from the Illuminated Manuscript Belonging to the Biblioteca, Marciana, Venice

作者:Ross King (FRW); Giorgio E. Ferrari (CON); Mario Salmi (INT)  出版社:Overlook Pr  出版日:2010/09/16

In the Middle Ages a breviary was an illuminated manuscript daily devotions commissioned by only the wealthiest and most powerful. Today, The Overlook Press making the legendary Grimani Breviary avail

定價:6125元   優惠價: 95513


7.Alluring Presence — Jade & Gem Stone Sculptures

作者:Lyle Sopel (ART); Pauline Gauthier (EDT); Gary Wildman (PHT); Ross King (FRW)  出版社:Ingram Pub Services  出版日:2012/01/17 裝訂:精裝

From classical to abstract to iconic, Lyle Sopel’s sublime repertoire of original gemstone sculptures is featured for the first time in one volume of over 180 pages of breathtaking images. Both eclect

定價:2098元   優惠價: 91888


8.Courthouses of Georgia

作者:Association County Commissioners of Georgia (COR); Greg Newington (PHT); George Justice; Ross King (FRW); Larry Walker (INT)  出版社:Univ of Georgia Pr  出版日:2014/10/15 裝訂:精裝

The courthouses of Georgia’s 159 counties hold the keys to the history of individual families and entire communities alike. From their primary role as the temples of justice for our court system to th

定價:1223元   優惠價: 91101


9.Art ─ Over 2,500 Works from Cave to Contemporary

作者:Inc. Dorling Kindersley (COR); Ross King (FRW)  出版社:Dk Pub  出版日:2008/10/20 裝訂:精裝

Art, the ultimate visual guide to 2,000 of the world's most revered paintings and sculptures, begins with a short section on how to look at paintings and sculpture, explaining the simple steps of for

定價:1750元   優惠價: 791383


10.Tuscany ─ Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens

作者:Massimo Listri (PHT); Ross King (FRW); Massimo Vignelli (EDT)  出版社:Rizzoli Intl Pubns  出版日:2010/10/26

Preeminent Florentine photographer Massimo Listri uncovers the great public as well as private Tuscan treasures in this unprecedented, oversize, and deluxe volume. Celebrating Tuscany’s renowned art a

定價:4375元   優惠價: 793456