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1.Pictures for Rome

作者:Ralph Rugoff  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2001/01/01 裝訂:精裝

定價:875元   優惠價: 9788


2.Circus Americanus

作者:Ralph Rugoff  出版社:Verso Books  出版日:1995/11/01 裝訂:平裝

定價:1348元   優惠價: 91213


3.Psycho Buildings: Artists Take on Architecture

作者:Ralph Rugoff (COM)  出版社:Hayward Gallery  出版日:2008/08/01 裝訂:精裝

Essays by Brian Dillon, Jane Rendell, Ralph Rugoff. Text by Francis McKee, Tumelo Mosaka, Midori Matsui, Brian Dillon, Paulo Herkenhoff, Francesco Manacorda, Tom Morton, Miwon Kwon, David Greene, Iai

定價:2098元   優惠價: 91888


4.At the Threshold of the Visible ― Miniscule and Small-Scale Art 1964-1996

作者:Ralph Rugoff; Susan Stewart  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:1997/03/01 裝訂:精裝

定價:698元   優惠價: 9628


5.Johannes Kahrs

作者:Ralph Rugoff (EDT); Johannes Kahrs  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2009/08/31 裝訂:精裝

Johannes Kahrs takes a photo, a video projection or a film still as the starting point of his drawings and oil paintings. He catches fragments of images of politics, show biz, and advertising to refor

定價:2100元   優惠價: 91890


6.Saul Fletcher

作者:Saul Fletcher (PHT); Ralph Rugoff; Kirsty Bell  出版社:Inventory Pr  出版日:2018/12/18 裝訂:精裝

定價:3375元   優惠價: 93038


7.Mike Kelley ― A Survey

作者:Mike Kelley (CON); Ralph Rugoff; Mike Kelley  出版社:Hauser & Wirth  出版日:2017/04/25 裝訂:精裝

定價:2275元   優惠價: 92048


8.Light Show

作者:Cliff Lauson (EDT); Ralph Rugoff (FRW)  出版社:Mit Pr  出版日:2013/03/08 裝訂:精裝

Light Show explores the experiential and sculptural nature oflight, tracing a historical trajectory of artwork that uses light to create specific conditions ofviewership. The book, which accompanies a

定價:1503元   優惠價: 91353


9.David Shrigley―Brain Activity: with Vinyl Record

作者:David Shrigley (ART); Ralph Rugoff (FRW)  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2012/03/31 裝訂:精裝

Best known for his wry and witty drawings, British artist David Shrigley has built up an artistic practice that, over the past two decades, has expanded well beyond drawing to include photography, scu

定價:1400元   優惠價: 91260


10.Jean-Luc Mylayne

作者:Thierry Raspail; Ralph Rugoff; Terrie Sultan  出版社:Harry N Abrams  出版日:2010/03/01 裝訂:精裝

??It’s a peculiar and supremely deliberate technique, honed over three decades, and it results in some of the most sumptuous and fresh photographs I’ve ever seen.” ?Time Out New YorkSince 1976, French

定價:1575元   優惠價: 791244



作者:Ralph Rugoff; John Roberts; Claire Fitzsimmons  出版社:Cca Wattis Inst for Contemp Arts  出版日:2008/07/01

Edited by Ralph Rugoff.

定價:1050元   優惠價: 9945


12.George Condo

作者:George Condo (ART); Ralph Rugoff (CON)  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2006/10/01 裝訂:精裝

定價:3000元   優惠價: 92700


13.Shoot the Family

作者:Ralph Rugoff; Janine Antoni; Mitch Epstein  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2006/03/15 裝訂:精裝

定價:698元   優惠價: 9628


14.Richard Prince

作者:Richard Prince; Rainald Schumacher; Ralph Rugoff  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2005/04/01 裝訂:精裝

定價:1400元   優惠價: 91260


15.Thomas Demand

作者:Ralph Rugoff; Julia Franck; Eckhard Scheinder (EDT)  出版社:Prestel Pub  出版日:2005/02/28 裝訂:精裝

定價:2798元   優惠價: 92518


16.Kader Attia ― The Landing Strip

作者:Kader Attia (CON); Ralph Rugoff (INT); Tarek El-ariss  出版社:Hayward Pub  出版日:2019/06/18 裝訂:精裝

定價:1400元   優惠價: 91260


17.History Is Now

作者:Ralph Rugoff (FRW); Cliff Lauson; Adrian Forty; Charlotte Higgins  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2015/02/24 裝訂:平裝

定價:1800元   優惠價: 91620


18.The Human Factor ― The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture

作者:Ralph Rugoff (FRW); Penelope Curtis; Martin Herbert; Lisa Lee  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2014/07/31 裝訂:精裝

定價:1750元   優惠價: 91575


19.Jason Rhoades—The Big Picture

作者:Jason Rhoades (ART); Paul McCarthy; Eva Meyer-Hermann; Ralph Rugoff  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2012/11/30 裝訂:精裝

"The Big Picture" documents "Perfect World," a 1999 installation that Jason Rhoades (1965-2006) created for the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg-an installation regarded by many as his most important project

定價:2275元   優惠價: 92048


20.George Condo: A Retrospective

作者:George Condo (CON); Ralph Rugoff; Laura Hoptman; Will Self  出版社:Hayward Pub  出版日:2011/04/30

定價:1750元   優惠價: 91575