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1.Kara Walker After the Deluge

作者:Kara Walker  出版社:Rizzoli Intl Pubns  出版日:2007/10/02 裝訂:精裝

After the Deluge is a grandiloquent phrase that has been bandied about in the news and popular discourse since the floodwaters receded in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Here the term has been a

定價:1048元   優惠價: 79828


2.Teaching the Last Backpack Generation ─ A Mobile Technology Handbook for Secondary Educators

作者:Zachary M. Walker; Kara Rosenblatt; Donald Mcmahon  出版社:Corwin Pr  出版日:2015/09/29 裝訂:平裝

Let mobile devices transform teaching and learningDon’t just know how to use mobile technology. Know how to use it to transform learning. This refreshingly easy-to-use workbook shows educators how to



3.Parkett 59

作者:Maurizio Cattelan; Yayoi Kusama; Kara Walker  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2000/12/01 裝訂:平裝

定價:1120元   優惠價: 91008


4.Kara Walker ― Figa

作者:Kara Walker (CON); Dakis Joannou (CON); Karen Marta (EDT)  出版社:Deste Foundation  出版日:2019/03/19 裝訂:精裝

定價:1225元   優惠價: 91103


5.Ruffneck Constructivists

作者:Kara Walker (EDT); Amy Sadao (FRW); Craig Wilkins  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2014/08/31 裝訂:平裝

定價:875元   優惠價: 9788


6.Dust Jackets for the Niggerati

作者:Kara Walker (CON); Hilton Als; James Hannaham; Chistopher Stackhouse  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2013/09/30 裝訂:精裝

"The works reproduced in this book were exhibited in their entirety in an exhibition titled 'Dust Jackets for the Niggerati - and Supporting Dissertations, Drawings submitted ruefully by Dr. Kara E. W

定價:1575元   優惠價: 91418


7.Laylah Ali — Typology

作者:Laylah Ali; Alex Baker (ART); Kara Walker (CON)  出版社:Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine  出版日:2007/11/15

定價:700元   優惠價: 9630


8.Thomas Houseago ― Almost Human

作者:Thomas Houseago (CON); Jan Dibbets (CON); Paul McCarthy (CON); Kara Walker (CON); David Hockney (CON)  出版社:Paris Musees  出版日:2019/05/21 裝訂:精裝

定價:1575元   優惠價: 91418


9.The Ecstasy of St. KaraKara Walker, New Work

作者:Reto Th?枰ng; Beau Rutland; Kara Walker; John Lansdowne; Tracy K. Smith  出版社:Cleveland Museum of Art Bookstore  出版日:2016/10/18 裝訂:平裝

Kara Walker’s work astutely examines race, gender, and identity. Walker’s newest series of large-scale drawings stem from her consideration of monuments and notions of permanence and impermanence foll

定價:900元   優惠價: 9810


10.Kara Walker ― Bureau of Refugees

作者:Kara Walker; Gabriele Nason (CON); Daniela Meda (CON); Filomena Moscatelli (CON); Charles Gute (CON)  出版社:Distributed Art Pub Inc  出版日:2008/09/01 裝訂:平裝

This book features the works from the new series "Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands - Records, 'Miscellaneous Papers' National Archives M809 Roll 23," named after the historical record

定價:1398元   優惠價: 91258


11.Kara Walker: Narratives of a Negress

作者:Kara Walker; Ian Berry (EDT); Darby English (EDT); Vivian Patterson (EDT); Mark Reinhardt (EDT)  出版社:Rizzoli Intl Pubns  出版日:2007/10/16 裝訂:精裝

“This collection of Walker's astonishing tableaux dramatizes black-white interactions via horrifically accurate imaginings of one-on-one encounters–encounters that, in their microcosms of exploitation

定價:1925元   優惠價: 791521