1.Gravity & Grace ― How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga

作者:Peter Sterios  出版社:Sounds True  出版日:2019/10/15

When you step onto the mat, who is your teacher? “Each of us—no matter who we learn from or what style of yoga we practice—can become our own teacher and create a deeply personal and

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2.Diagnosis Female ― How Medical Bias Endangers Women's Health

作者:Emily Dwass  出版社:Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc  出版日:2019/10/08

Being a woman in the health care system is inherently hazardous to your health. Women often experience misdiagnosis and ignorance of their symptoms, in part because for centuries females were excluded

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3.Food Labels ― Your Questions Answered

作者:Barbara Brehm  出版社:Greenwood Pub Group  出版日:2019/08/31

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4.Keto Diet for Dummies

作者:Dummies (COR)  出版社:For Dummies  出版日:2019/08/13

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5.Beating Osteoporosis ― The Facts, the Treatments, the Exercises

作者:Diana Moran  出版社:Green Tree  出版日:2019/08/13

Diana Moran is here to help spread the word about treatments and preventative measures we can all take to tackle osteoporosis.Written in association with the National Osteoporosis Society, this practi

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6.Think and Eat Yourself Smart Curriculum Kit ― A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life

作者:Caroline Leaf  出版社:Baker Pub Group  出版日:2019/08/06

In this companion study to Think and Eat Yourself Smart, scientist and therapist combines current scientific research with biblical teaching to help readers understand the connection between thinking

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7.Tommy John Elbow and Tiger Woods's Back ― Injuries and Tragedies That Transformed Careers, Sports, and Society

作者:Jonathan Gelber  出版社:Sports Pub  出版日:2019/08/06

What do players across such different sports such as Buster Posey, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods have in common? Their injuries have shaped the world of sports and how sports medicine is approached. When

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8.Fit over 50 ― Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You

作者:Phillip Bishop; Walt Larimore  出版社:Harvest House Pub  出版日:2019/08/06

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9.Your Body on Salt

作者:Yvette Lapierre  出版社:Core Library  出版日:2019/08/01

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10.Your Body on Gluten

作者:Mike Downs  出版社:Core Library  出版日:2019/08/01

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11.Your Body on Caffeine

作者:Marcia Amidon Lusted  出版社:Core Library  出版日:2019/08/01

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12.Your Body on Sugar

作者:Anita Yasuda  出版社:Core Library  出版日:2019/08/01

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13.Your Body on Dairy

作者:Carolyn Williams-Noren  出版社:Core Library  出版日:2019/08/01

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14.Your Body on Carbohydrates

作者:Alexis Burling  出版社:Core Library  出版日:2019/08/01

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15.The Core 4 ― Embrace Your Body, Own Your Power

作者:Stephanie Gaudreau  出版社:Harperone  出版日:2019/07/30

At Last, a No-Bullsh*t, Shame-Free Strength Transformation Program for WomenSince 2011, nutrition and fitness expert Steph Gaudreau has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her fierce-love

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16.The Core ― Embrace Your Body, Own Your Power

作者:Steph Gaudreau  出版社:Blackstone Pub  出版日:2019/07/30

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17.Reverse Sarcopenia ― An Easy-to-follow Program to Keep Muscles Strong and Youthful While Reducing Your Risk of Developing Dementia

作者:Joseph Tieri  出版社:Ulysses Pr  出版日:2019/07/26

Take control of your physical and brain health with low-level strength trainingWe all know that we lose muscle mass as we age. But did you know that sarcopenic obesity (a.k.a. being “skinny fat”) is l

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18.Fitness Wearables for Dummies

作者:Not Available (NA)  出版社:For Dummies  出版日:2019/07/18

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19.Trauma-sensitive Yoga Deck for Kids ― For Therapists, Caregivers, and Yoga Teachers

作者:Kristen Voris; Brooklyn Alvarez; David Emerson  出版社:North Atlantic Books  出版日:2019/07/16

This deck of trauma-sensitive yoga forms is designed for facilitators and counselors to help children focus on their own experience of each pose in the moment.This deck of approximately 50 yoga poses

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20.Everything Below the Waist ― Why Health Care Needs a Feminist Revolution

作者:Jennifer Block  出版社:St Martins Pr  出版日:2019/07/16

An eye-opening, investigative account of the dismal state of women's healthcare in the U.S. American women visit more doctors, have more surgery, and fill more prescriptions than men. In Everything Be

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