HowExpert Guide to RV Life: 101+ Tips to Learn How to Buy, Drive, and Maintain a Recreational Vehicle to Travel and Live the RV Lifestyle
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If you want to learn how to buy, drive, and maintain a recreational vehicle to travel and live the RV lifestyle, then check out HowExpert Guide to RV Life.

HowExpert Guide to RV Life is a book for folks who don't know much about RVs but feel they need to learn more about them. It covers topics such as:

- What is an RV and how it can be used.

- Different types and classes of RVs from the smallest trailer RVs up to the largest motorhomes.

- Necessary terms and their definitions which RVers need to know.

- What makes an RV different or similar to a regular house.

- What homework and knowledge are needed to get the best RV for anyone.

- Points for each type of RV.

- How to find the best dinghy for folks with motorhomes.

- What might be a way to try before you buy an RV.

- What can be learned by going to an RV show.

- What type of motorhome will be the quietest and best riding one.

- What are the roomiest RVs.

- What are the least expensive RVs.

- Different ideas on where to travel once the RV is purchased.

- The difference between a "shake-down cruise" and a "maiden voyage."

- Construction of RVs.

- What RV appliances are like, and which ones to watch out for.

- What "full hookup" means at campsites.

First-hand experiences and suggestions are given throughout the book, which can help the person looking for more information on RVs or the RV newbie with the beginning of their RV experience.

Check out HowExpert Guide to RV Life to learn how to buy, drive, and maintain a recreational vehicle to travel and live the RV lifestyle!

About the Author

Charley Dickson is a former Oregonian who now lives full-time in a 38' Class A motorhome in various places around the country. In his 30+ years of RVing, he and his wife have traveled in a pop-up trailer, a 30' travel trailer, a 29' Class C motorhome, a 40' 5th wheel trailer, and two Class A motorhomes. He's been to most of the country, but there are still many places he and his wife will be seeing. He's a firm believer in being more of a do-it-yourselfer rather than having someone else do a repair or modification. As such, he's a staunch supporter of doing the homework to find out as many aspects of a certain subject as possible. As such, this book is written for other folks who want to know more about RVing.

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