The Hippopotamus Defence ― A Deceptively Dangerous Universal Chess Opening System for Black
  • The Hippopotamus Defence ― A Deceptively Dangerous Universal Chess Opening System for Black

  • ISBN13:9789056918316
  • 出版社:New in Chess
  • 作者:Alessio De Santis
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  • 規格:23.5cm*17.1cm*2.5cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 出版日:2019/05/25
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The Hippopotamus Defence is just what a club player needs. It’s a straightforward chess opening that avoids the ever growing body of mainline theory. Black can use the Hippo against virtually all of White choices: 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4, 1.f4, the Colle, London, Trompovsky, Réti and others. It’s not yet very well-known and will surprise many opponents. On top of all that, the Hippo is seriously underestimated: with its characteristic double Fianchetto, it may look quiet but is in fact a very dangerous animal. Alessio de Santis is one of the world’s greatest experts and has written a practical, well-structured and accessible manual. After a first flash of 3 to 4 hours you will be familiar with the Hippo’s basic moves and key variations, its strategic themes and recurring manoeuvres. Subsequently De Santis leads you through the most important concrete lines and introduces the Semi-Hippopotamus to counter some specific White ideas. You can use the Hippo as a surprise weapon or as your main repertoire. If you like to confront your opponents with some unexpected counter-attacks, you need not look any further.
Alessio de Santis is a FIDE Master and one of the best known chess authors of Italy