The Beatles ― An A-z Guide to Every Song
  • The Beatles ― An A-z Guide to Every Song

  • 系列名:On Track
  • ISBN13:9781789520095
  • 出版社:Sonicbond Pub
  • 作者:Andrew Wild
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  • 出版日:2019/06/28
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The Beatles - on track analyses every single song that the Beatles recorded - whether live or in the studio - from the most famous, to the most obscure. The songs that the Beatles performed are the history of Rock and Roll From the hard-won reputation as the thrilling live act in the Cavern and Hamburg, through to their own classic early songs, the Beatles developed as performers and songwriters of rare distinction. They were always one step ahead of their competition. And then, they mastered the studio. In 1965 and 1966 they increasingly pushed the boundaries of what a pop band could achieve, before breaking down the walls for 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. Writer and music collector Andrew Wild has gathered together every known Beatles song and every known performance-every studio take, every live recording, every release, every session. In this book, the full breadth of available Beatles music has been collected, catalogued, listened to and analysed, then presented in a format that's easy to read. Almost 1,000 songs, from the very famous to the very obscure, from the dazzling to the dire. Over one thousand recorded versions, over three hundred different songs performed in concert, nearly six hundred different songs recorded, close to four hundred different songs released. If you're a Beatles collector, you need this book.
Andrew Wild is an experienced writer with several books to his credit. HIs previous works include official biographies of the bands Twelfth Night (Play On, 2009) and Galahad (One for the Record, 2012) and more recently Pink Floyd Song by Song (Fonthill 2017) His play The Difficult Crossing was published in 2016 and his first book for Sonicbond on Queen will be published in October. He lives in Rainow, Cheshire, UK.