Deep Purple and Rainbow 1968-79 ― Every Album, Every Song
  • Deep Purple and Rainbow 1968-79 ― Every Album, Every Song

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  • 作者:Steve Pilkington
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Few would deny that Deep Purple were one of the most influential and popular heavy rock bands to emerge from the melting pot of the late '60s. They went through several line-up changes, and stylistic shifts, before splitting up for the first time in the mid 1970s. Talismanic guitarist Ritchie Blackmore carried the spirit on when he formed Rainbow after leaving Purple in 1975, particularly through his partnership with legendary singer Ronnie James Dio. Deep Purple reformed some years later, of course, but many consider this original, sometimes turbulent, decade to be their most significant. Steve Pilkington puts his focus on the period from Shades Of Deep Purple in 1968 through to the first dissolution of the band after Come Taste The Band in 1976, via such classics as Machine Head and in Rock. He also discusses the first four Rainbow studio albums, including the classic Rainbow Raising and the hit-laden Down To Earth album in 1979, taking a look at every song from every album in detail. He also discusses live recordings plus DVD and video releases. The result is the most exhaustive guide to the band's music yet produced, as critical opinion rubs shoulders with facts, trivia and anecdotes to provide a fascinating 'alternative history' of these revered bands . Whether you are a hardcore fan or simply want a guide through the world which lies beyond Smoke On The Water, this book is for you.
Steve Pilkington is a music journalist, proof-reader and broadcaster. He is Editor in Chief for the Classic Rock Society magazine Rock Society, and contributes to other publications such as Prog. Before taking on this work full-time, he spent years writing for fanzines and an Internet music review site on a part-time basis. He has recently published "Black Sabbath - Song By Song" (Fonthill, 2018) book, and has written the official biography of legendary guitarist Gordon Giltrap. In addition, he presents a weekly progressive rock radio show titled 'A Saucerful of Prog' on Firebrand Radio. He lives in St.Helens, Merseyside, UK.