Men of Steel, Women of Wonder ― Modern American Superheroes in Contemporary Art
  • Men of Steel, Women of Wonder ― Modern American Superheroes in Contemporary Art

  • ISBN13:9781682260975
  • 出版社:Univ of Arkansas Pr
  • 作者:Alejo Benedetti
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/250頁
  • 規格:25.4cm*17.8cm*2.5cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 出版日:2019/02/01
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優惠價: 91733
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Superman and Wonder Woman—awash in patriotic colors and portrayed as the ultimate Americans—were beacons of integrity in midcentury America. Created in 1938, Superman was a brawny paragon of strength during the fallout of the Great Depression. Three years later, Wonder Woman fought alongside American troops in World War II.

Men of Steel, Women of Wonder, an exhibition from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opening February 2019, examines how artists use Superman and Wonder Woman to discuss social issues, politics, and national identity. The works in this exhibition range from loving endorsements of heroic ideals to unflinching critiques of hard issues affecting American society.

This accompanying catalog, packaged in a boxed set including five cloth volumes, examines more than seventy artworks from the exhibit, including paintings, drawings, photography, installations, videos, and performances, to further the understanding of these enduring characters in our culture, and the diverse ways artists employ them. From the masterfully painted work of Mel Ramos to the humorously conceived installations of Jim Shaw, the works featured here wrestle with Wonder Woman’s status as a feminist icon, position Superman as a soviet-era weapon, accuse both characters of being illegal immigrants, and much more. Men of Steel, Women of Wonder is an exciting and thought-provoking engagement with these two seminal superhero characters across time, using them as lenses through which to view an ever-evolving understanding of American values.
Alejo Benedetti is assistant curator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. In addition to Men of Steel, Women of Wonder, he curated the exhibitions Black Unity, Animal Meet Human, and How Do You Figure?