Rock Chronicles ― Every Legend, Every Line-up, Every Look
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The definitive rock encyclopedia for the 21st century updated for the ever-changing world of music.

"An absolute must for any rock-music fan."
-- Booklist

"A welcome and heavily used addition to any rock 'n' roll buff's library."
-- Library Journal

"Will introduce browsers to music they hadn't realized they would like."
-- Publishers Weekly

This third edition of Rock Chronicles is updated to mark the recent loss of many important, innovative and beloved musicians who changed the world of music, including: David Bowie, the irreplaceable Prince, Tom Petty, George Michael, Lemmy of Motörhead, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, two of the three members of Emerson Lake and Palmer, poet philosopher Leonard Cohen, Gregg Allman, the great Chuck Berry, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Leon Russell, J. Geils, and too many others.

Designed for today's visual-savvy generation, the book uses color-coded infographics for quick-glance coverage of the ever-shifting line-ups, appearances, labels, sounds and successes of 250 of the most important rock acts from 1960 to time of press in 2018. Insightful commentary highlighted with photographs gives the lowdown on every member -- whatever their role in the band and however short-lived their time with them.

Bands change their line-ups, musicians pass away, and of course new music is released. This new edition has been updated to reflect the many such changes since the previous book.

These include:

  • Date of death of deceased band members and revisions to the descriptive text to reflect this change
  • Revised text if there has been a major development in an active band
  • New albums for those bands still active on timeline
  • Revised timelines for bands still active
  • Grammy Awards
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.

Comprehensive, information-packed and compelling, Rock Chronicles is the essential reference for everyone who loves rock music.

David Roberts has edited more than 20 music reference book projects at Guinness World Records including British Hit Singles and Albums and Rockopedia. He is also the author of Rock Atlas: 650 Great Music Locations and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them.