Hammer Blueprint Reading Basics
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Warren Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics has been a bestselling classic for nearly 2 decades, but it is out of date in terms of illustrations, inclusion of calculations for a global audience, and standards. With this historic revision, new author Charles Gillis will be updating the entire package, replacing ALL the figures with CAD-generated artwork, adding new illustrations, representing metric drawing equivalents alongside the English calculations, and, perhaps most importantly, including content from new and revised drawing standards, including Dimensioning, Tolerancing, Surface Texture and Metrology Standards, Undimensioned Drawings, Line Conventions and Lettering, Engineering Drawing Practices, Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipment, Composite Part Drawings, and other current ASME drawing standards.
The new edition of this work will be a must-have for mechanical engineers, draftspeople, manufacturers, machinists, and students learning the aforementioned trades.  This edition will also feature a full and equal presentation of Metric drawing standards alongside the English drawing standards currently included.
An Instructor’s Resource (to be sold separately) will include:
  • PowerPoint presentations for presenting the textbook material in a classroom setting, intended for use with the textbook. The order of the presentations will mirror that of the text content and be customizable by the instructor, enabling the instructor to present the course material to his or her students in a meaningful, visually interesting manner.
  • Blueprint Reading Course recommended Syllabus: A recommended course syllabus will also be included, which could be used as-is or customized to suit the instructor’s needs.
  • Individual PDF files for Review Questions & solutions
  • Individual PDF files for Worksheet Problems & solutions
Charles Gillis has over 20 years of machine design experience.? He is a mechanical design engineer for the Proctor & Gamble Company.? For the last 6 years, he has taught WPI’s Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing courses.? He is also a contributing author to Machine Designer’s Reference, published by Industrial Press.
Warren Hammer (deceased) was a seasoned professional with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing.? He originated the Blueprint Reading Basics book, and with this revision, his legacy lives on.