Minecraft ― Ultimate Minecraft Handbooks, Potions, Redstone and Top 25 Pe Seeds
  • Minecraft ― Ultimate Minecraft Handbooks, Potions, Redstone and Top 25 Pe Seeds

  • 系列名:Mine Master Handbooks
  • ISBN13:9781540452160
  • 出版社:Createspace Independent Pub
  • 作者:Mine Masterr
  • 裝訂/頁數:平裝/206頁
  • 規格:20.3cm*12.7cm*1.2cm (高/寬/厚)
  • 出版日:2016/11/23
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THE ONLY HANDBOOK YOU NEED TO MASTER MINECRAFT POTIONS AND REDSTONE WITH THE TOP PE SEEDS AVAILABLE NOW!Get the Kindle version for 0.99 when you buy the paperback!Now you can read it anywhere!This is the only Minecraft handbook set you will ever need. This easy to follow Minecraft guide will take you from absolute noob to master with plenty of photos to show you every step of the way. Start enjoying potions and Redstone in this amazing game and take your skills to the next level! And once you've mastered how to create amazing traps and creations and defeat all your friends and zombies with Redstone and Potions, you can go explore the many seeds available for PE edition! A must have for anyone of any age that loves Minecraft!This bundle is up to date with the latest Minecraft versionWhat you will learn:- The different types of potions - How to build your brewing station- The different potion ingredients and where you can find them- What each potion does and how you can modify them to be more POWERFUL!- Simple to follow potion recipes- How to combine potions together- Tips on when and how to best use your potions in survival mode- Tip on how to defeat mobs and over players using potions- And much much more!- All the different ways to get redstone - All the different ways to use redstone- How to craft every redstone component - What each redstone component does- The different types of redstone circuits - 10 easy to follow redstone projects - Tips on how to make your own redstone projects- AND SO MUCH MORE