The Havener Sisters
  • The Havener Sisters

  • ISBN13:9781939017857
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  • 作者:Ardeana Hamlin
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  • 出版日:2015/09/05
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China, Persia, and India Havener are triplets raised on the seas aboard their father’s ship, the Empress. Upon his death, the sisters take up residence in a large house along the shore in Castine, Maine. After eight years of life as land-lubbers, the sisters are suddenly faced with a change in economic circumstances that propels them into new adventures—some welcome, and some not. In this, her third installment of the story that began with the best-selling novel, Pink Chimneys, Hamlin returns to the characters, setting and historical time of her beloved tale to explore the various fates of the Havener Sisters, and the challenges they face. Well-researched and engaging, The Havener Sisters will transport the reader back to the customs and country of an earlier time at the dawn of the Industrial Age in Maine.

Ardeana Hamlin grew up in Bingham, Maine, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, in the days of the river drives, the veneer mill, and the woods operations. Now a newspaper journalist for the Bangor Daily News, she lives in Hampden, Maine, and is the author of three previous novels, Pink Chimneys, A Dream of Paris, and Abbott’s Reach.