Live Like Your Cat!
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Take a closer look at your cat—that delightful, witty, and endearing little friend—after reading these amusing observations

This book reveals how much more successful humans would be if only we lived more like our cats. It’s a light-hearted celebration of the domestic cat’s rise to "top dog" status in modern society. His light-hearted journey through feline physiology and behavior, popular culture, and folklore reveals the advantages of being a cat in modern society and how, as owners, we can adapt these attributes
to our own daily lives. Cats have it far better than humans—they accept their status and live within their limitations. For centuries, dogs were ahead in the pecking order. But the cat was just biding its time. Within a few short generations, those crafty kitties have snuck up the inside and taken control of the household. This wonderful collection of witty observations contains charming cartoons and illustrations by Louise Tate. There are interesting insights—filled with plenty of "I didn’t know that" facts—making this an uplifting, moving, and inspiring book, perfect as a gift for all cat lovers.
Ian Valentine is a writer who contributes to Conde Naste, GQ, andThe Shooting Times. Louise Tate is an illustrator who has has been highly commended in the Macmillan Prize for Children's Illustration four times three years.