Good Morning Brew ─ A Parody for Coffee People
  • Good Morning Brew ─ A Parody for Coffee People

  • ISBN13:9781934649596
  • 出版社:Pgw
  • 作者:Karla Oceanak; Allie Ogg (ILT)
  • 裝訂/頁數:精裝/32頁
  • 規格:21.6cm*25.4cm (高/寬)
  • 出版日:2015/12/15
定  價:NT$593元
優惠價: 79468
可得紅利積點:14 點




As the Critter Joe coffeehouse opens for the day, the lion and kangaroo baristas welcome a menagerie of colorful customers. Join them in waking up to all the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells of everyone’s favorite a.m. ritual. Yay coffee!

Good morning beans. Good morning machines.
Good morning sounds. Good morning grounds.
Good morning lattes and soy macchiatos.
Good morning grande aficionados.
Good morning espressos and tidy flat whites
Good morning mochas and frappe delights.

Whether you prefer brewed or pressed, black or cream, mochas or macchiatos, if you’ve gotta have your daily grind, this playful picture book for grown-ups is for you.Good Morning Brew is brought to you by the same author and illustrator team behindGoodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People.

Need a refresher on how coffee travels from field to cup? Perplexed by espresso options? Don’t miss the bonus coffee infographics at the end of the book!
Karla "Dale E. Grind" Oceanak is also the author of Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People and theAldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series for children. She has been a writer, ghostwriter, and editor for more than 20 years.Allie Ogg is an illustrator, potter, and fine artist. They both live in Fort Collins, CO.