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  In ancient times, there was a man named Zhang Ji-Bao. His last name was originally Xue, but he was abandoned as a baby and was taken up by an elderly man whose name was Zhang Yun-Xiu, so he was renamed Zhang Ji-Bao. Zhang Yuan-Xiu regarded the boy as his own son and raised him with a tender love. Before long, Zhang Ji-Bao was sent off to school to study.
  However, when Zhang Ji-Bao was 13 years old, his birth mother appeared to claim him and went off with him. Zhang Yuan-Xiu and his wife missed their son so much that they cried day and night. His old wife was especially sad over the loss and eventually fell sick. The couple neglected their own well being and was reduced to beggary.
  Several years later, Zhang Ji-Bao passed the official examination as the Zhaung-Yuan scholar. On his way to embark on his career as an official, he passed by Clear Wind Pavilion. The Zhangs were overjoyed when they learned about this. However, when Zhang Ji-Bao arrived at the pavilion, he scolded the old couple and refused to acknowledge them. Though the old couple wailed and beseeched him on their knees, Zhang Ji-Bao was not moved. Finally he took out two hundred dollars to give to them and asked them to leave. The old couple was furious and disappointed by such outrageous behavior to such an extent that they struck their heads against the wall and died.
  When Zhang Ji-Bao was about to continue his journey, the sky suddenly became threatening and a thunderstorm began raging. Soon Zhang Ji-Bao was struck dead by lightning.