Modern Electrosynthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry
  • Modern Electrosynthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry

  • ISBN13:9781482249163
  • 出版社:CRC Press UK
  • 作者:Frank Marken; Mahito Atobe
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  • 出版日:2018/10/30
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This book covers new ways of making materials and compounds in low waste processes employing energy from electricity rather than chemical reagents. Electro organic synthesis offers clean synthesis tools as well as unusual reaction intermediates and reaction types. Applications have remained niche, but continuing interest in this field is evident in industry and academia with the advent of microfluidic reactors. This book targets some areas of recent progress and development with high novelty and potential.

Dr. Frank Marken has worked at the University of Bath for many years. In September 2004 he was appointed to a Senior Lecturer position, then promoted to Reader in 2008, and finally to his current role of Professor at the Department of Chemistry in 2011.
His general research interests include the fundamental mechanistic understanding of interfacial processes and the development of novel electrosynthetic technologies based on nano-structures, three phase junctions, light- and microwave-enhanced processes, paired and self-supported electro-syntheses, and electro-catalytic reactor development.
To date he has 435 publications accredited to his name and a h-index of 51.

Dr. Mahito Atobe has been a Professor at the Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University, since July 2010.
His current research focuses on organic electrosynthetic processes and electrochemical polymerization under ultrasonication, electrosynthetic processes in a flow microreactor, and organic electrochemical processes in supercritical fluids. He has 150 publications credited to his name so far.