The School Fairy ― The Tale of the Fairy Who Made School Unscary
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Who is the School Fairy and how can she help you and your child? Dear Families: We know that millions of school-aged children have difficulty going to school because they are afraid. We also know that this fear, often called separation anxiety, can be almost as difficult on the caregiver as it is on the child. And while separation anxiety is perfectly normal for short periods of time, the quicker children feel comfortable at school, the quicker they start learning.Just like you, we have kids who struggled with fears about starting school. So, we are pleased to introduce you to The School Fairy. She is rooted in child psychology but her whimsical tale will bring some fun into a stressful time. The included parent guide helps explain the science behind the School Fairy such as the use of behavior management strategies and has tips on improving communication with the teacher and your child. We also provide a certificate of achievement and stickers so children can decorate their own treasure box, thus making the most out of her story.She worked for us and we know she can help you... after all, she's magic!