Web Components ― From Jquery to Polymer
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Learn the fundamentals necessary to build custom JavaScript components. Ideal for JavaScript developers with little experience using component libraries, as well as front-end engineers with significant component library experience who want to create their own custom components, this book takes you through the development of an example component from conceptualization, design, and implementation. The latter half of the book covers encapsulation, packaging, and deployment.

  • Start with the basics and move progressively toward creating your own functioning components
  • Look under the hood, and learn about the shadow DOM, imports, custom elements, and other topics
  • Encapsulate, package, and deploy your components
  • Learn how to use Polymer and Bower to package and deploy your web components

Jarrod has been developing on the web for over 15 years in both startups and global companies and currently works at Shape Security. He founded Gossamer to help bootstrap companies into developing for the modern web and has provided free community training on everything from node to backbone. Jarrod is an active proponent and contributor to open source, creator of Plato, and a member of the Grunt, Marionette, and ES-Analysis teams.

Jason Strimpel is a Staff Software Engineer on the platform team at WalmartLabs who specializes in the UI layer. Jason has been building web applications for the past 12 years. Approximately 3 years ago Jason began specializing in the front-end, in particular JavaScript. Since then Jason has worked with several component libraries and frameworks. However, Jason found limitations to these libraries when presented with uniquely challenging UI requirements, so he began developing his own custom components and catalog of helpers. He is an extremely passionate developer with a very bad sense of humor who loves simplifying the complexities that arise when building rich UIs.