Sex, Metaphysics, and Madness ― Unveiling the Grail on Human Nature and Mental Disorder
  • Sex, Metaphysics, and Madness ― Unveiling the Grail on Human Nature and Mental Disorder

  • ISBN13:9783034314114
  • 出版社:Peter Lang Pub Inc
  • 作者:Jane Alexandra Cook
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  • 出版日:2013/07/29
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Cook (a polymath kiwi farmer in New Zealand and a research associate at the U. of Waikato) presents a series of arguments for rethinking metaphysics and western theories of essence. In particular, she offers an intervention into the age-old debate between essentialist and anti-essentialist philosophers that goes back to Plato and Aristotle, ultimately making the case for a "sexed spirogenetic model" of essence. She examines the origins of phallocentric metaphysics and links it to numerous other debates about free-will, the division of mind and body, dualist vs. monist conceptions of reality, but also madness and sanity. This latter set of interests takes up the middle section of the book, which an empirical study of one woman's eating disorder and its implications for a female essence. The final section integrates the first two, arguing "there exist an originary, knowable, 'spirogenetic' essence that determines and motivates the whole form, function and development of an essentially subjective female self." This self is alienated by phallocentric metaphysics and language that deny and demonize its existence. There is no index. Annotation c2013 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Jane Cook was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and has for thirty years owned and run an organic kiwifruit and avocado farm in Tauranga, New Zealand. With degrees in biological and social sciences and a PhD in philosophy she also works as a philosophical counsellor, psychotherapist, and a research associate with the Philosophy and Societies & Cultures Departments at the University of Waikato.