The Dorothy Parker Audio Collection
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Author, poet, screenwriter and outstanding member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table, Dorothy Parker was known for her quick wit, keen observations, and remarkable insight into the human condition. Regarded as brilliant, but known to be an alcoholic and often depressed, Parker's work pushes all buttons at once: humor, anger, love, pity and everything in between ... she pulled no punches, writing with pure, unadulterated passion; her work is timeless and as pertinent to today's society as it was to that of the time she wrote.

Among the gems included in this collection are her first published short story, "Such a Pretty Little Picture" and her O. Henry Award winner "Big Blonde," several other short stories, and, unlike other audio collections, some of her review work.

Includes: Big Blonde Review of Emily Post Dusk before Fireworks Review of Redemption But the One on the Right Horsie Diary of a New York Lady The Game Just a Little One The Bolt Behind the Blue Valedictory Review Such a Pretty Little Picture Lady With a Lamp The Waltz Cousin Larry A Telephone Call

Performed by Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Alfre Woodard, & Shirley Booth