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The Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the Peoples Republic of China
Part I Transform the Pattern of Economic Development: Initiate a New Phase of Scientific Development
Chapter 1 The Development Environment / 3
Chapter 2 Guiding Thought / 9
Chapter 3 Main Goals / 12
Chapter 4 Policy Orientation / 17
Part II Strengthen Agriculture and Benefit Farmers:Accelerate the Development of a New Socialist Countryside
Chapter 5 Develop Modem Agriculture More Rapidly / 23
Chapter 6 Expand the Ways in Which Farmers Can Increase Their Incomes / 27
Chapter 7 Improve Living and Working Conditions in the Countryside / 29
Chapter 8 Improve Systems and Mechanisms for Rural Development / 32
Part III Transform and Upgrade Industries: Raise Their Core Competitiveness
Chapter 9 Transform and Upgrade the Manufacturing Industry / 39
Chapter 10 Cultivate and Develop Strategic Emerging Industries / 46
Chapter 11 Give Impetus to Changing the Way Energy Is Produced and Used / 50
Chapter 12 Build a Comprehensive Transport System / 54
Chapter 13 Comprehensively Raise the Level of Informationization / 61
Chapter 14 Promote the Development of the Maritime Economy / 64
Part IV Create the Favorable Environment: Promote the Significant Development of the Service Industry
Chapter 15 Accelerate the Development of Producer Services / 69
Chapter 16 Vigorously Develop the Household Services Industry / 72
Chapter ]7 Create a Favorable Environment for Developing the Service Industry / 75
Part V Optimize the Structure: Promote Balanced Development Between Regions and Healthy Development of Urbanization
Chapter 18 Implement the Master Strategy for Regional Development / 79
Chapter/9 Implement the Development Priority Zones Strategy / 84
Chapter 20 Carry Out Urbanization Actively yet Prudently / 89
Part VI Pursue Green Development: Develop a Resource-Conserving and Environmentally Friendly Society
Chapter 21 Actively Respond to Global Climate Change / 97
Chapter 22 Strengthen Resource Conservation and Management / 99
Chapter 23 Vigorously Develop a Circular Economy / 104
Chapter 24 Intensify Environmental Protection / 108
Chapter 25 Promote Ecological Protection and Remediation / 111
Chapter 26 Intensify the Development of Systems for Water Conservancy and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation/117
Part VII Be Innovation-Driven: Implement the Strategies of Reinvigorating the Country Through Science and Education and Strengthening the Country Through Human Resources
Chapter 27 Increase Scientific and Technological Innovation Capabilities / 123
Chapter 28 Accelerate Educational Reform and Development / 128
Chapter 29 Cultivate a Large Contingent of High-Quality Personnel / 133
Part VIII Improve Peoples Wellbeing: Establish a Sound System of Basic Public Services
Chapter 30 Raise the Level of Basic Public Services / 139
Chapter 31 Implement a Strategy of Jobs First / 143
Chapter 32 Reasonably Adjust Income Distribution /146
Chapter 33 Improve the Social Security System for Urban and Rural Residents / 149
Chapter 34 Improve the Basic Medical and Health Care System / 152
Chapter 35 Strengthen Assurances of Adequate Housing / 157
Chapter 36 Do All Aspects of Population Work Well / 160
Part IX Address Both Symptoms and Root Causes: Strengthen and Make Innovations in Social Administration
Chapter 37 Make Innovations in the Social Administration System / 167
Chapter 38 Strengthen the Self-Governance and Service Functions of Urban and Rural Communities / 169
Chapter 39 Strengthen the Development of Social Organizations / 172
Chapter 40 Improve the Mechanism for Safeguarding the Masses Rights and Interests / 174
Chapter 41 Strengthen the Development of the Public Security System / 176
Part X Carry on Traditions and Make Innovations: Promote the Great Development and Prosperity of Culture
Chapter 42 Raise the Cultural Level of the Whole Chinese Nation / 183
Chapter 43 Promote Cultural Innovation / 185
Chapter 44 Develop Thriving Cultural Programs and Industries / 187
Part XI Tackle Difficult Problems in Reform: Improve the Socialist Market Economy
Chapter 45 Adhere to and Improve the Basic Economic System/193
Chapter 46 Press Ahead with Reform of the Administrative System / 196
Chapter 47 Accelerate the Reform of the Fiscal and Taxation Systems / 199
Chapter 48 Deepen Reform of the Financial System / 201
Chapter 49 Deepen Reform of the Prices for Resource Products and Environmental Protection Charges / 204
Part XII Create a Win-Win Situation: Raise the Level of Opening Up
Chapter 50 Improve the Pattern of Regional Opening Up / 209
Chapter 51 Optimize the Foreign Trade Structure / 211
Chapter 52 Integrate Bringing In with Going Global / 213
Chapter 53 Actively Participate in Global Economic Governance and Regional Cooperation / 215
Part XIII Develop Democracy: Advance Socialist Political Civilization
Chapter 54 Develop Socialist Democratic Politics / 219
Chapter 55 Comprehensively Develop the Legal System / 221
Chapter 56 Strengthen Efforts to Combat Corruption and Build Clean Government / 222
Part XIV Strengthen Cooperation: Create a Common Homeland for the Chinese Nation
Chapter 57 Maintain the Long-Term Prosperity and Stability of Hong Kong and Macao / 225
Chapter 58 Press Ahead with Peaceful Development of Cross-Straits Relations and the Great Cause of Unifying the Motherland / 229
Part XV Carry Out Military-Civilian Integration: Strengthen National
Defense and Army Modernization
Chapter 59 Strengthen National Defense and Army Modernization / 235
Chapter 60 Carry Out Integrated Military-Civilian Development / 237
Part XVI Strengthen Implementation: Achieve the Master Development Blueprint
Chapter 61 Improve the Mechanism for Plan Implementation and Evaluation / 241
Chapter 62 Strengthen Coordination and Management of Plans / 244
Proposal of the CPC Central Committee for Formulating the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development / 246