Judaism, Jewish Identities and the Gospel Tradition: Essays in Honour of Maurice Casey
  • Judaism, Jewish Identities and the Gospel Tradition: Essays in Honour of Maurice Casey

  • ISBN13:9781845532840
  • 出版社:Equinox
  • 作者:James G. Crossley (EDT)
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  • 出版日:2011/05/31
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Judaism, Jewish Identities and the Gospel Tradition is a collection of essays focused on what is now a major issue in contemporary gospel studies. The essays are in honor of Maurice Casey, who has made major contributions to our understanding of the Jewish context of Jesus and the Gospels. Fittingly, this collection of essays avoids the conventional festschrift format and is designed to be a detailed analysis in its own right. This volume examines how "Judaism" can function as an analytical concept in Gospel scholarship. This includes an overview of the ways in which Judaism is used in the canonical Gospels and how this relates to the idea of a "Jewish Jesus", in addition to specific examples of similarities with, and differences from, various Jewish traditions in the Gospels, constructions of gender, the impact of the historical Jesus, and the significant steps toward Christian distinctiveness made in the Gospel of John.
James C. Crossley is Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies in the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. His main research interests include early Judaism, historical Jesus, social history of Christian origins, the political contexts of scholarship, and the New Testament in contemporary politics and popular culture.