A Guide to the LCIA Arbitration Rules
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The London Court of Arbitration (LCIA) is one of the world's foremost arbitration institutions, with a growing annual caseload. The LCIA Arbitration Rules are among the most modern and forward-looking of the various sets of institutional arbitration rules but until now have not been the subject of in-depth study. This is the first full length and comprehensive commentary on the rules, written by two well-known and experienced arbitration practitioners. Portable and functional, this book acts as a guide and provides an indispensable resource for all involved in international arbitration under the LCIA rules.

Grouped thematically, the commentary to each rule provides 1) a description of the rule and its intended meaning 2) the provenance and history of the rule 3) the practical effect of the rule with reference to previous case law and jurisprudence and 4) a comparative look at conceptual and practical differences between each rule. Focusing specifically on how the rules of the LCIA differ from those of the ICC and the UNCITRAL, this title emphasizes the international nature of the LCIA and provides the only dedicated reference to the Rules.

Peter Turner is a parter in the international arbitration group at Freshfields in Paris. He has appeared as counsel and acted as arbitrator in over 50 arbitrations under institutional and ad hoc rules. He was named as one of the 45 foremost arbitration lawyers under 45 and has published widely on international arbitration and investment treaty topics. Reza Mohtashami is a senior associate in the international arbitration group at Freshfields in Paris. He has practiced in a number of jurisdictions, including London and New York. He has represented clients in arbitration rules under the ICSID, ICC, UNCITRAL and LCIA and has published a number of articles on international arbitration.