Ent & Ophthalmology
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This book is designed to provide the practicing GP with information needed to deal with ENT and ophthalmology problems in the community. It provides a scheme for assessment of patients and explanation of common symptoms and signs. It then goes on to provide detailed coverage of all major clinical topics in these two clinical areas. The core text is taken from the successful Oxford Handbook of General Practice, and then edited together to cover the full breadth of ENT and ophthalmology problems likely to be encountered in the community in one easy to access volume. In addition to this core text, this volume also contains a wealth of 'extras' which make all the difference - such as helpful tips, patient experience information, frequently asked questions and links with quality payments available through the new GMS contract.
This book includes: useful links to further information for patients and GPs; expanded references to help students and GP registrars who need to be aware of the evidence base behind management decisions; flow charts to aid management; explanatory material and diagrams for GPs and nurses to use when explaining a particular condition to a patient; 'Patient experiences' information; FAQs which either take the form of question and answer boxes or 'hot tips boxes' or 'common mistakes boxes'; and each topic is linked to the requirements of the new GP Contract 'Quality and Outcomes Framework'.