Short History of Caravans in the Uk
  • Short History of Caravans in the Uk

  • ISBN13:9780753826713
  • 出版社:Phoenix
  • 作者:Richard Hammond
  • 裝訂:平裝
  • 出版日:2010/08/01
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Richard Hammond has had a longstanding love affair, bordering on the obsessive some might say, with caravans. He has researched their origins and history, celebrity owners, the uses to which they have been put, their place in history, names, jargon, games with, things to do in, recipes to cook in, and future of. He also gives sound practical advice on how to use them to best advantage, race them (ensuring first they are of the nonstatic variety), and how to destroy them in interesting ways (of which he has much experience?80 or so at the last count). An essential guide for any owner or prospective owner or indeed anyone with even a passing interest in caravans, of whatever sex or age, or race, or inclination. Or even perhaps someone with apparently no interest in caravans who might have a previously latent interest aroused. Some even talk in hushed tones of a parallel universe, though he has no personal experience of this, yet. Anything is possible.
Richard Hammond is internationally famous as a cohost of Top Gear. His other titles include Can You Feel the Force?, Car Science, On the Edge, Richard Hammond's Car Confidential, and The Unknown Universe.