Storytelling ― Global Reflections on Narrative
Storytelling ― Global Reflections on Narrative
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  • This book focuses on storytelling and human life by exploring the possibilities of narrative approaches across numerous disciplines and in diverse contexts; stories are humanity’s oldest way of making meaning of our past, present and future.
  • Tracy Ann Hayes, Ph.D. (2018) Lancaster University, Lecturer and transdisciplinary researcher at the University of Cumbria; published on research methods, and young people’s relationship with nature, including Kindness: caring for self, others and nature - who cares and why? (2017). Theresa Edlmann, Ph.D. (2015) Rhodes University, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of South Africa and Research Fellow at Stellenbosch University. Her research focuses on historical memory and the legacies of apartheid and colonialism in South Africa. Laurinda Brown is a Reader in Mathematics Teacher Education at the University of Bristol. She enjoys editing, having edited international mathematics education journals and being one of the three editors for this volume.

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