Empathy ― Emotional, Ethical and Epistemological Narratives
Empathy ― Emotional, Ethical and Epistemological Narratives
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  • Empathy is sometimes a surprisingly evasive emotion. It is in appearance the emotion responsible for stitching together a shared experience with our common fellow. This volume looks for the common ground between the results of Digital Media ideas on the subject, fields like Nursing or Health and Social Care, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Philosophy, and finally even in Education, Literature and Dramatic Performance.
  • Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez Aguilar (M.A. in Philosophy, 2006; National Prize in Philosophy, 2008; M.A. in Teachers Training, 2008) is Assistant Professor and Researcher in Philosophy at the Logic and Theoretical Philosophy Department (Universidad Complutense de Madrid – UCM). He holds a PhD (2014) with an European Mention awarded by U.N.E.D. (Spain), and is also Doktor der Philosophie by the Technische Universitat zu Berlin (Germany) (2014). Amongst his various published materials Deuda y legado en la filosofia de la Historia de Schiller [Debt and Legacy in Schiller’s Philosophy of History] (Herder, 2018) is his latest monograph.

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