Perspectives on Happiness ― Concepts, Conditions and Consequences
Perspectives on Happiness ― Concepts, Conditions and Consequences
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  • This work explores the phenomenon of happiness from a variety of angles. The papers discuss the nature and conditions of happiness, methodological questions, policies and discourses, and the significance of specific factors, like landscapes or educational environments, for happiness.
  • Soren Harnow Klausen is Professor of Philosophy at University of Southern Denmark. He has published on a wide variety of philosophical and interdisciplinary topics, including happiness, philosophy of mind, philosophy of literature, ethics and social epistemology.Bryon Martin is an Assistant Professor of Recreation at Henderson State University, (Arkansas, USA). He has published and presented teaching strategies and research internationally in the areas of vintage cars, boating, wheelchair sports, sports officiating, sport violence, recreation in primary schools, and recreation as a tool for social capital.Mustafa Cihan Camci, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Akdeniz University, Department of Gerontology. His current interests are philosophy of art, philosophy of time, literature, and aging. Camci’s publications, both Turkish and English, are mainly on existential philosophy, particularly the impact of Heideggerian thought on modern Turkish cinema and literature. Sarah Bushey graduated from the University of Florida (USA) and taught at the same institution from 2015-2018. She holds degrees in music education, performance, and music history. Dr. Bushey has taught classes in music history, American musical theatre, and general humanities. She now resides in her hometown in the state of Maine where she owns and operates a bakery.

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