Seasons ― A Game of Survival Horror
Seasons ― A Game of Survival Horror
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  • An expansion to the popular tabletop miniatures game, Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.

    Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons is the expansion to the skirmish-scale miniatures game of survival horror, Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse. With an all new campaign designed to take players through 12 months (games) of gameplay focusing on the changing seasons and the new challenges this brings for survivors. With new problems for your Group to face including hunger, thirst, and warmth as well as a whole host of new character types, scavenge tables, scenarios, and even rules for bicycles and motorbikes.

  • Ash Barker discovered miniatures in 1988 in the back of the classic Fighting Fantasy adventure books. These tiny, perfect worlds and their heroic inhabitants would capture his imagination for the next 30 years. Since 2001 he has worked in the wargames industry. In June 2015 he founded Guerrilla Miniature Games, a YouTube channel that specializes in bringing a spotlight to all miniature games, great and small.

    Arthur Asa is an artist from Monterrey, Mexico. From an early age he displayed a disposition for art and story-telling, fueled by manga, motion pictures, and his teenage love for Dungeons and Dragons. When not illustrating Arthur enjoys MMA, cooking, music, and role-playing games. He really, really tries to enjoy comics and film. He doesn't enjoy wasting his time, at all.


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