Being Good:Buddhist Ethics for Everyday Life人間佛教的經證(英文)
Being Good:Buddhist Ethics for Everyday Life人間佛教的經證(英文)
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  • 作者:星雲大師
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  • 出版日:2016/08/31
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  • The aim of this book is simple: to invite readers to consider what it means to lead a good life, and to offer practical advice, based on the Buddhist teachings, as to how this can be accomplished. In each of more than thirty brief essays, Venerable Master Hsing Yun treats a specific moral or ethical issue, using quotations from the rich treasury of the Buddhist scriptures as a point of departure for his discussion. Among the topics he considers are controlling the body and speech, overcoming greed, ending anger, having patience under insult, managing wealth, getting along with others, what it means to practice Buddhism, and the blessings and joys of that practice. The Buddhist precepts are introduced as guideposts along this path of liberation, and friendship, gratitude, and service to others are presented as essential elements of a common quest to discover and to embody our innate goodness and humanity.
  • Venerable Master Hsing Yun has been a Buddhist monk for over seventy years and has spent his life working to promote Humanistic Buddhism. He is the founder of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order, which has branch temples throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. he is the author of many works, including "Embracing Nature," "The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha," "Being Good," and "For All Living Beings."
      星雲大師,江蘇江都人,一九二七年生,為臨濟宗第四十八代傳人。 一九四九年初來台,一九五三年駐錫宜蘭念佛會,奠定弘法事業基礎。一九六七年創建佛光山,致力推廣文化、教育、慈善、共修等事業。一九九一年創辦國際佛光會,後又創立人間福報、人間衛視。在全球設有十六所佛教學院,在台灣創辦普門中學,以及南華、佛光、美國西來、澳洲南天、菲律賓光明等五所大學,整合成為第一個國際性的「佛光山系統大學」。

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