Marketplace Buying & Selling for Dummies
Marketplace Buying & Selling for Dummies
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  • Get the scoop on online peer-to-peer marketplace sites 

    Marketplace Buying & Selling For Dummies is a guide for SMB retailers or entry level entrepreneurs who buy discounted merchandise and then resell it for a profit. Inside, you’ll learn how to grow your business through liquidation (by buying overstock and return merchandise at a reduced price from major retailers looking to offset the cost of processing overstock and return merchandise).

    There are many channels for reselling goods. Some resell goods through Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or via their own Web sites. Others sell through their stores, or direct through B2B or B2C sales channels. Companies such as B-Stock offer a modern way to sell secondary market items through liquidation to SMB owners who resell these items at a discount. Marketplace Buying & Selling For Dummies is a guide on how SMB owners can buy merchandise at severely marked down rates so they have inventory to resell in their stores or online.

    • Walks start-ups and SMB owners through the secondary retail market process
    • Explains how major retailers are mitigating the cost impact of overstock and return items
    • Provides insight from Kingdom Supply—a family-based business that has greatly expanded in recent years and has helped grow the local economy
    • Offers a case study on Trillion Trade—a Hong Kong-based business that has expanded to the U.S.
    • Includes experienced guidance from experts on liquidation and buying and selling on the secondary market for B-Stock

    From beauty products to Google Apps to reselling consignment on eBay—the opportunities for becoming a reseller are endless.


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