First 100 Words for Expecting & New Parents
First 100 Words for Expecting & New Parents
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  • Let's face it—parenthood is comical! This adorable, laugh-out-loud picture book for grown-ups makes the perfect congratulations, baby shower, or newborn gift. With sweet cartoony illustrations and spot-on humor, this gift book for new parents and parents-to-be showcases 100 defining experiences of pregnancy and babyhood. From the calm-before-the-storm of preparing for baby to the "preposterous" size mismatch that is childbirth to newborn clothing mishaps ("snapfus") and cringeworthy moments (like "poonamis"), share the gift of laughter with your favorite newbie moms and dads.With space for the gift-giver to inscribe To, From and a brief message on the inside front cover, this book makes a fun keepsake and also doubles as the gift card!

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