Practically Poppins in Every Way ― A Magical Carpetbag of Countless Wonders
Practically Poppins in Every Way ― A Magical Carpetbag of Countless Wonders
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  • Ever since 1934, when Mary Poppins descended from the skies over London into Cherry Tree Lane in the Pages a book by P. L. Travers, the world has adored the enchanting adventures and peculiar wisdom of this magical nanny. For more than eight decades, Travers's staunch but charming heroine has been beloved in the
    pages of eight popular books, and in media from movies to stage, music to television, all around the world.
    Practically Poppins in Every Way is sumptuous, colorful, and remarkable celebration of Mary Poppins in her many incarnations, and a colorful and lavish showcase of the varied art and creative forces who have brought her to life, generation after generation.
    Culled from the works of hundreds inspired minds and artistic visions reflected in the collections of the Walt Disney Archives, the Walt Disney Archives Photo Library, the Walt Disney Animation Studios Animation Research Library, the Disney Publishing Archives, Disney Theatrical Group, and the Walt Disney Imagineering Art Library, Practically Poppins in Every Way is a rich, vivid, and frequently-surprising visual document of the development behind Mary Poppins on page, screen, stage, and even theme park attractions. Selected from hundreds of thousands of documents, illustrations, conceptual materials, sketches, drawings, paintings, and photographs this illustrated celebration of all things 'Poppins' features meticulously reproduced art with lavish production values in a beautiful large-format volume that is destined to become a spectacular keepsake for fans of Mary Poppins in all her varied incarnations'as well as for film fans, stage aficionados, art enthusiasts
    and Disney fans everywhere.

  • Jeff Kurtti is a leading authority on The Walt Disney Company, its founder, and its history. He is the author of more than twenty books, a writer-director of award-winning documentary content, and a respected public speaker. Kurtti worked as a production coordinator on the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival, followed by two years as the assistant to the president of the California Institute of the Arts. For several years, he worked for Walt Disney Imagineering, the theme park design division of The Walt Disney Company, and then for the Corporate Special Projects department of Disney. Since 1995, Kurtti has enjoyed a career as an author, write, and consultant in the motion picture, theater, and theme park entertainment industries. He was creative director, content consultant, a media producer for The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco and a producer of The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story, a critically acclaimed documentary about the famed songwriters.


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