An Arctic Friend
An Arctic Friend
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  • Help a little polar bear find some playmates in this engaging novelty book with pop-ups on every page!

    In the quiet of the Arctic, a little polar bear prowls the ice caps in search of a playmate. . . . But can she find anyone who wants to play? She encounters an arctic hare, a snowy owl, a herd of oxen, a baby seal, and an orca before finding another polar bear to play with! With rhyming text and eye-catching animal pop-ups on each page, Essi Kimpimäki's screen-printed illustrations make this an exciting visual adventure for all ages.
  • Eryl Nash is a writer, editor, and all-round enthusiast of children's books. Having once?worked as an archaeologist, she now enjoys creating fun nonfiction science and novelty?books. She is the creator of?What's That in the Water??and?Who's Who in the Woods??She lives in London, England.

    Essi Kimpimaki is an illustrator and printmaker originally from the land of thousands of?lakes, Finland. She is currently based in Glasgow, where she studied Illustration at the?Glasgow School of Art. Find out more about Essi at

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