The Great Vanishing Act ― Blood Quantum and the Future of Native Nations
The Great Vanishing Act ― Blood Quantum and the Future of Native Nations
  • ISBN13:9781682750650
  • 出版社:Fulcrum Pub
  • 作者:Norbert S. Hill Jr.
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  • 出版日:2017/05/01
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  • "I have been painted and painted others with the deep blood-red earth paint, which is the symbol of life. We call this paint ma’etom, which is a derivative of the word for blood, ma’e. Ma’e, blood, is essential for life." ?Dr. Henrietta Mann, from the foreword

    A person's blood quantum is defined as the percentage of their ancestors who are documented as full-blood Native Americans. The U.S. federal government uses a blood quantum minimum as a measure of "Indian" identity to manage tribal enrollments and access to cultural and social services. Evidence suggests that if current demographic trends continue, within a few generations tribes will legally disappear. The forces of modern intermarriage and urbanization are resulting in fewer individuals who can legally meet blood quantum requirements. Through essays, personal stories, case studies, satire, and poetry, a lauded collection of international contributors will explore blood quantum as biology and as cultural metaphor. They will explain the history of the law and how it may result in the devastation of tribal culture and the perpetuation of tribal discrimination in the U.S. and beyond.

    Featuring diverse and talented Native voices representing different generations, backgrounds and literary styles, Blood Quantum Quandaries: Who Are We? seeks answers to the most critical issue facing Native Americans and all indigenous populations in the 21st century and hopes to redefine the meaning of cultural citizenship.

  • Norbert S. Hill is an enrolled citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and has recently retired as Area Director of Education and Training for the Nation. Hill’s previous appointment was Vice President of the College of Menominee Nation for their Green Bay campus. Hill served as the executive director of the American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) in New Mexico, a nonprofit organization providing funding for American Indians and Alaska Natives to pursue graduate and professional degrees. Previous positions include: the executive director of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, assistant dean of students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and director of the American Indian Educational Opportunity Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He founded Winds of Change and The American Indian Graduate, magazine, publications of AISES and AIGC respectively. Hill holds two honorary doctorates from Clarkson University (1996) and Cumberland College (1994). He resides on the Oneida reservation with his wife. 
    Kathleen Ratteree has worked with the Oneida Nation Trust and Enrollment Committee since 2013. She has served as Project Manager for Sustain Oneida, a group that facilitates constructive community dialogue on tribal enrollment criteria. Over the past three years she has written a series of articles for the Oneida tribal newspaper, The Kalihwisaks, on identity, citizenship, blood quantum, demographics, sovereignty, and tribal governance. The articles have helped raise awareness of enrollment issues and population trends. They have also encouraged community engagement in the issues of membership/citizenship. Kathleen holds a Master of Science in medical anthropology, a Master of Public Health and a certificate of Global Health from the University of Madison-Wisconsin. Kathleen lives near Green Bay, WI with her husband, two young children, a 100-pound dog, twelve chickens, and various wildlife.


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