2017 Chinese Almanac
2017 Chinese Almanac
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  • 2017 Chinese Almanac is a book of ancient wisdom and fortune telling. It not only covers the general and personal forecast of the year, but also contains Chinese customs and tradition, festivals, Feng Shui setting, and magic charms for different applications, etc.

    2017 Chinese Almanac is perfect for any people or families, with all useful information at your fingertips:
    1. Basic information of an Almanac
    2. General forecast based on Horoscope
    2. Flying Star Charts for every direction
    3. Naming basics
    4. Face and Palm reading
    6. Practical Feng Shui
    7. Chinese Almanac - suitable and unsuitable activities for each day of the year.
  • 蘇民峰,人稱現代賴布衣,對風水命理等術數有獨特之個人見解。憑着天賦之聰敏及與術數的緣分,對於風水命理之判斷既快且準,往往一針見血,疑難盡釋。於1992年創立蘇派風水、1994年創立寒熱命論、1997年發明五行化動土局,成就近代命理、風水學的大突破,於國內外知名度極高。

    Peter So Man-Fung
    one of the most renowned and hippest contemporary Chinese Feng Shui and Astrology masters. Over the past years, he has released several videos and over 10 all-time bestsellers on Feng Shui, Face Reading and Palmistry. Many of them have been translated into English chalking up impressive reviews from all over the world. This has made him a truly recognized international author in the field of Chinese metaphysics.
  • A. Basic Information of an Almanac

    1. What is a Chinese Almanac?

    2. The Spring Ox Diagram for the Year of Wood Goat  

    3. Centenary Diagram

    4. Date Selection Basics


    B. Forecast on 2017

    5. General Forecast on 2017

    6. Personal Fortune of 2017


    C. Fortune Telling / Naming Basics

    7. The Emperor's Poem of the Four Seasons

    8. Bone Weight Astrology

    9. Interpreting Dreams

    10. Coin Divination

    11. Fortune Telling by Daily Events

    12. Predisposition: Hot, Cold and Neutral

    13. Naming Tips


    D. Palm / Face Reading

    14. Palm Reading

    15. Face Reading

    16. Face Reading for Pets


    E. Practical Feng Shui

    17. Clashes and Resolutions

    18. Strengthening and Dissipating the Luck of Relationship

    19. Strengthening the Wealth Luck


    F. Customs and Traditions

    20. Foretelling the Sex of Baby in Pregnancy

    21. Festivals

            ~ Chinese New Year

            ~ The Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao)

            ~ Ching Ming Festival

            ~ Dragon Boat Festival

            ~ Hungry Ghost Festival

            ~ Mid-Autumn Festival

    22. Customs and Ritualistic Formalities

            ~ Lantern Lighting

            ~ Da Jiao

            ~ Beating the Petty Person

            ~ Wei Ma (Wei Ya)

            ~ Borrowing Wealth from Guan Yin

            ~ The Wishing Tree

            ~ Worshipping the Lovers' Rock    

            ~ Float Parade on the Birthday of Tian Hou  

            ~ Herbal Tea  

    23. Magic Charms for Different Applications       

    24. The Diagram of Incompatible Food and Poisoning 

    25. Blood Circulation Diagram according to the Hours of a Day

    26. The Pithy Formulae for Former and Future Lives

    27. Learning Cantonese


    G. Almanac for Everyday Use