Polish 100 Most Common Phrases & 1000 Most Common Words
Polish 100 Most Common Phrases & 1000 Most Common Words
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  • Icelandic 101: A Practical Guide for Beginners
    Are you planning a trip to Poland? Moving To Poland?

    Want to learn Basic Polish immediately?

    Learning a bit of the local Language is always important get a more enriching and deeper experience of the country you visit! People will always smile wider when they hear their own Language spoken! And some things are better said in their own local language!

    At Project Fluency We really believe learning a language shouldn't be hard, we believe focusing your efforts on the most important words, phrases and grammatical rules are the cornerstone of proper and fast language learning. For this reason all our products include these elements to get you the FAST language FLUENCY you want and deserve!

    This book will also include an interesting twist by adding a list of Icelandic Slang words to sound more like a native! ? ? ? ?

    If you are ready… Scroll up, grab this book, and take the first steps to Learning Icelandic Now!