Wooing Mr Wickham ― Stories Inspired by Jane Austen Heroes and Villains
Wooing Mr Wickham ― Stories Inspired by Jane Austen Heroes and Villains
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  • Taking their inspiration from the heroes and villains of Jane Austen's novels, the authors of these short stories have opened a new dialogue between readers and the enduringly beloved author that spans everything from imagining the secret impressions of Lady Catherine de Bourgh to blogging in modern-day Afghanistan. Whether the stories connect to Austen's canon in context of her original stories or not, each is an exciting literary contribution to her world. The stories are selected from the Chawton House Library's Jane Austen Short Story Award competition for 2010, which pays homage to the house where Austen spent her most prolific writing years.

  • Michele Roberts is the author of novels that include The Looking Glass and Daughters of the House, which won the W. H. Smith Literary Award and was short-listed for the Booker Prize. She has also published poetry and short stories, and she is an emeritus professor of creative writing at the University of East Anglia.

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