Capability Brown ― The Master Gardener
Capability Brown ― The Master Gardener
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  • Capability Brown was a man made for his time. English society in the 18th century was rich, sophisticated and eager for change. It was a golden age of architecture, and Brown perfected the concept of the landscaped park as an ideal setting for them. Nicknamed "Capability" because of his uncanny knack of assessing "the capabilities of nature," the largely self-taught Brown enhanced the natural landscape with panache and energy, to create an Arcadian world that captivated the fastidious, aristocratic clientele clamoring for his services. During his lifetime he had no rivals, few imitators and only a handful of critics; and today, visitors to the nation’s stately homes standing amid the splendor of a capability brown landscaped park continue to marvel at his genius.
  • Peter Brimacombe is the author of several books, including All the Queen's Men,Journey Through the Cotswolds, and The World of Sherlock Holmes. Roger Turner is an architect and award-winning landscape designer. His books includeBetter Garden Design, the first horticultural monograph ever written on the subject, andCapability Brown and the Eighteenth-Century English Landscape.

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