The Silence Always Speaks ― A Never-ending Encounter With Jesus
The Silence Always Speaks ― A Never-ending Encounter With Jesus
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  • When Jesus left the earth, He made a promise of power and privilege to His witnesses. His voice still reverberates in the silence—the silence of circumstance, of uncertainty, of question, and perceived absence.

    In Scripture, the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth; He guides us into dimension after dimension of who Jesus is. Through this revelation and the power of knowing Jesus intimately, we are His witnesses of what we have seen and heard.

    Heath Adamson helps us answer tough questions such as:

    How do know truth in a world of relativism?

    How can we find peace when were surrounded by uncertainty?

    What is the inseparable link between Gods sovereignty and the empowerment of the Spirit?

    What role does prayer play in Gods grand narrative?

    How does knowing Jesus through the Holy Spirit impact our identity?

    Although Jesus voice no longer echoes underneath the clouds, He is far from silent.

    This is the second title in a series of three releases from this author. The previous release titled The Bush Always Burns released in March 2015. The third release titled The Darkness Always Shines is slated for release in 2016.

  • At the age of seventeen, Heath’s life was dramatically transformed by an encounter with Jesus. Steeped in drug abuse and the occult, he came to believe in Christ for salvation. Heath’s dramatic salvation experience has led him to serve in multiple leadership roles with global influence. He is intrinsically involved with the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission and chairs Empowered 21’s Next Generation Network, in addition to serving as a national leader for a ministry serving more than half a million students.

    He holds an MA in leadership from Evangel University and is a PhD candidate in religious studies at Chester University. Heath and his wife, Ali, and two daughters currently reside in Springfield, Missouri. Together they endeavor to leave a legacy for generations to come.


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